12 Interesting Norwegian port cities worth a picnic

Norway is a real powerhouse when it comes to the maritime industry. When you travel to the port of Helsinki in Finland and across the Scandinavian countries, chances of coming across a Norwegian built vessel are very high. This tells just how the Norwegians have a close attachment to the sea.

Now that you have this nagging idea of visiting Norway and enjoying its unique serenity, its time to think of its seaport cities. Yes, the country has some of the most amazing mountains for skiing but enjoying a sunset view at any of its seafront cities works more like a health spa. 

Norway in History

Today, there’s a near stampede as people try to move to Norway. The country now attracts the high and mighty, adventure seekers, investors, naval operators and more. But before the discovery of oil in the North sea that made Norway a rich country, Norwegians predominantly relied on the fishing industry.

You probably know that some of the best Salmon cherished globally is the Norwegian Salmon, The vessels that operate across the world waters may have been built in Norway or worked with Norwegian vessel technologists. Even the oil rig that has given Norway a lifeline and prosperity is erected in the North sea. They have a special palace for the sea-that’s a given, 

Traversing Norway

Norway is a fairly small country compared to many other countries across the continent. However, the terrain comprising snow capped mountains and snaking rivers, forests and valleys may make it appear so expensive. 

You may wish to take a road trip from Tromsø  in the North and head southwards to Kristiansand can be one filled with great adventures. The same applies to traversing the country from one city to the other.

The excitement can be experienced throughout the year but the Winter time isn’t such a good time to plan any travels across the country. A large part of Norway experiences extreme winters that don’t favor outdoor activities. 

Remember its in Norway where you will be so excited to experience the aurora borealis and Winter nights. 

Amazing Norwegian port cities 

Almost everyone visiting or relocating to Norway has a particular liking for its nature. It never gets more natural than what Norway has to offer. Actually, each city in Norway as we know them today has a strong history attached to it. 

While you may choose Oslo, Kristiansand or  Tromsø as your home city in Norway, it takes great diligence to learn each of them. Again, each city has a bountiful of great things one can indulge in and connect with. But there’s always a unique feeling when it comes to living in a port city.

One thing that port cities in Noway offers adventure lovers is an appreciation of nature’s connectedness. As the highly powerful waves hit the seawalls or break in the shores releasing their immense energy, they bring with them some calming effect.

On a random walk when temperatures get tolerable, you may just sit by the seafront and meditate while watching the waves rise and fall. The same feeling comes when you live next to the rivers and forested areas of the country.

You may choose to live in any municipality in Norway but a seaport city will afford you an extra-an experience of the sea. If you’re a fan of seafaring or just sailing small boats, the cities will be thrillers. You get an exclusive sail though the much acclaimed Norwegian fjords  that attract millions of tourists globally. 

  1.  Oslo
  2. Narvik
  3. Bergen
  4. Borg
  5. Flekkefjord
  6. Drammen
  7. Stavanger
  8. Haugesund
  9. Tromsø
  10. Bodo
  11. Aaheim
  12. Batsfjord
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