Scandinavian ice adventure, Stockholm

For anyone visiting Scandinavia from any part of the world but especially the tropical countries, a snow experience counts among the things to look forward to. In fact, you can always feel the excitement among foreigners when they see the first snowfall. To create an even more lasting memory, adventurous expats sometimes even take to skiing which is actually a common activity in the ice covered mountains of Norway, Finland and parts of Sweden. So, in your long list of things to expect in Scandinavia, add ice adventure to it because it’s a palpable reality. In Sweden, the Ice Adventure in Stockholm welcomes all visitors to an exclusive interaction with ice plus other activities to be part of. 

Activities out at Scandinavian Ice Adventure in Stockholm

Whether it is the polar night that Scandinavians have to walk with headlights or the winter sun Scandinavia has a share of ice cover. Ice caves or ice formations for sure come out as among the  most beautiful things you can ever wish for while in Scandinavia. Well, for a typical Scandinavian, there is always that very special something about ice. Ice can take the Scandinavians across water bodies, to ice caves, ice formations, to professional adventures even in North America and finally back to childhood winters. Equally, so many newcomers or visitors to Scandinavia can just make it up that so much ice can cover a vast area and keep solid for such a long time. It doesn’t really matter how much one understands the concept of freezing or melting; the ice cover in Scandinavia will always be enchanting. 

Be part of the oftentimes nostalgic Scandinavian ice adventure

At the Scandinavian Ice Adventure, there is so much warmth it can offer. The experience is so serene and greatly satisfying as you get to experience either the first and second generation’s strides. As you get along through a long chat while calmly skating through the ice on a winter landscape, I am sure you would always have a great ice adventure. The mixture of different ice surfaces and adventures oozes an element of satisfaction like never before.

The Scandinavian Ice Adventure is an activity and restaurant on Djurgardsbrunnsvagen in Stockholm. It remains to be Scandinavia’s first adventure park on ice that sits on a 3,500m2 space. After a long day of ice skating, you could enjoy your sumptuous lunch or dinner in any of the numerous restaurants present here. If you are an ice adventure lover, come to Scandinavian Ice Adventure and experience the warmth of the ice.

All you Need to Know About the Scandinavian ice Adventure

If by any chance you have any plans of going to the Scandinavian Ice Adventure, it will be one of the greatest ideas to have ever made. Have you ever been to a place and just a glare of what awaits you teases your imagination and all that could come out of your mouth is just wow? Well, the Scandinavian Ice Adventure is basically that kind of place. Before embarking on your journey towards this place though, there are some pieces of information that might interest you. 

Its enchanting to experience the ice and snow in Scandinavia

1. Welcome to the Ice-Covered Passage

Just as you get to the entrance of this serene ice park, you will meet an ice-covered passage that would definitely connect you to different areas. Just picture a cozy walk in the winter sun, but this time it will be while you have your skates on. As you go further into the ice park, what may hit your conscious first is the love serene. Here, everything is let free and just have love flourish in the most romantic scenery in the presence of atmospheric music and light. 

2. Have Fun by the Eisstock

You do not need any absolute upfront knowledge to have your fun time by the Eisstock. Simply defined by an alpine curling which will definitely remind you of the curling and boules. It is as easy as 1,2,3 as you only have to observe and duplicate what you see others doing. When it becomes dark at the Scandinavian Ice Adventure, an awesome experience will entice your evening. With the aid of good rhythm and ice-skating disco lights, you can show off your skillful ice-skating dance moves.

3. The Challenging Activities are Here Too

The amazement from the sheet of ice with slopes and sharp curves and pretty much more challenging activities are also here. However, such is often left for the brave and experienced ice skaters to have a curling experience. While at the Scandinavian Ice Adventure, a lover of sports, could also enjoy a mild game of hockey. 

4. Enjoy Mild Sport Playing or Watching Ice Hockey

Of course, it will not have tackles or slap shots but it will obviously be fun. There is also a chance that you could rent the hockey field and have fun with a group of friends, family or even your workmates. Sometimes there are also tournaments played but this mostly happen during open days for hockey and you could also come and enjoy the game. And after a long day full of numerous activities, the restaurant will serve you both lunch and dinner for you and family.

Public Means to the Scandinavian ice adventure in Stockholm

You are almost getting ready to start packing your bags to head to the Scandinavian Ice Adventure, but you don’t quite seem to know how and from where. There is no need to fidget around as technology has made everything so easy for you just at your doorstep. In the comfort of your home, Moovit will help you find the most perfect route to the Scandinavian Ice Adventure. Follow the step-by-step directions from your nearest public transit station.

Moovit is a mobile application that provides you with free maps alongside live directions that will make your navigation through places very easy. All you need is just to download and register for that is when you will be free to view schedules, timetables, schedules, and routes. With this, you will be able to find out which routine will be the shortest to get you to the Scandinavian Ice Adventure. A train, bus, Metro, or light rail, will comfortably get you to the Scandinavian Ice adventure.

Check on Some of the Attraction Nearby ice Adventure in Stockholm

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