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5 Days in Scandinavia | Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo Itinerary

Every traveler has dreamt of the perfect Scandinavia trip at some point, and if this is also on your to-do list, you are in the right place! Even if you only have 5 days to explore it, this is plenty of time to hit all the essentials and most important sites. However, for it to be as efficient as possible, you need an excellent itinerary; look through our suggestions of the best itinerary for 5 days in Scandinavia’s most significant capital cities!

Day 1: Stockholm

Praised as the “Venice of the North,” Stockholm is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful and wealthy cities. A day’s time is certainly challenging if you want to explore everything, and yet, it is just the perfect amount of time to get its whole vibe!

Gamla Stan

Everyone knows that the base of knowing a city is by getting to know its Old Town. Well, Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, is one of the most charming ones in Scandinavia. Most of what you will see dates back to the 13th century, so there is plenty of historical evidence right in the heart of Stockholm. Considered an open-air museum, Gamla Stan is an impressive medieval area full of life!

Gamla Stan

House of Nobility

One of the most important establishments in Stockholm, the House of Nobility, was once the residency for Sweden’s nobility and now serves as an awesome 17th-century museum! Learn all about Sweden’s royal history, enjoy the sculptures of Roman deities Mars and Minerva, and admire the perfect Dutch Baroque architectural style!


After doing some hardcore exploration, head to Stortorget, the most vibrant and colorful square in the city’s heart. While many know the square as being the oldest and most important historically, nowadays, Swedes and tourists simply go there to sip coffee and spend a lovely afternoon!

Days 2-3: Copenhagen

After a quick journey to Denmark, prepare for two full days in one of the most stunning European capitals – Copenhagen! The city is very distinctive in its designs and overall cityscape, so you are in for a treat.


Start with the most fun and trendiest place in the city! Jægersborggade is a long street near the city’s center, filled with the most beautiful cafes, impeccable restaurants, boutiques, bars, and cobblestone pavements. This is by far the most photographed street in Copenhagen and the perfect place for you to get to know the most active part of the city.


Rosenborg Castle

Once you have warmed up and grasped the general Danish mood, it is time to explore! First, head to Rosenborg Castle, Denmark’s most picturesque and magical-looking fortress. Looking like something you would draw for a children’s fairytale book, the castle is a spectacular Renaissance work built as a summer residence for Christian IV and has one of Copenhagen’s oldest royal parks for you to promenade!


Nyhavn is the most famous district in the city and is usually the number one view you get when researching Copenhagen. Yes, the place is generally packed with tourists, but it does not get annoying as there is so much to see and do here! For example, you can thoroughly inspect the famous 18th-century merchant houses or join a canal tour. Furthermore, with its brightly colored housetops and contemporary art galleries, Nyhavn is definitely the city’s cultural heart!


Day 5: Oslo

Your short Scandinavian holiday is coming to an end, and the best way to celebrate your time here is by going on a day trip to Norway’s Oslo! With beautiful nature, delicate Scandinavian designs, and the most exciting sites to see, Oslo will take your trip to new highs!

Viking Ship Museum

While you will not have enough time to enjoy the whole of the Bygdøy Peninsula, you could still definitely visit a place very important to the Norwegians and their history. There are several great Viking-themed museums in Scandinavia, but the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo is probably the most impressive of them all. Learn all about the noble Norsemen voyagers and their way of marine life!

Viking Ship Model

Frogner Park

Certainly, the most modern and exciting place in the city, Fogner Park, is calling out to contemporary art lovers! An area of more than 200 sculptures and installations, the park is intriguing and will keep you on your toes with its realistic 20th-century art pieces. It is available for everyone all day, every day, so you do not have to worry about your schedule!

Oslo Opera House

While it is highly unlikely that you will be able to catch a show when you only have one day in Oslo, you can still visit its main Opera House and admire the intricate architecture and cultural backdrop. Completed in 2007, the Opera House is Oslo’s signature landmark, and you can even take guided tours to explore the backstage and workshops!

Oslo Opera House

The most important part to remember before going on your Scandinavian adventure is not to rush through everything. Yes, your time might be limited, but take your time enjoying the sites you have chosen and explore them thoroughly. You can always come back. And, hopefully, you will. Good luck!

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