Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airline, the proud Flier that Links Scandinavia

It can never be a point of debate that air transport so far remains the safest and the fastest. Across Scandinavia, transport remains popular with the people unlike in other countries where flying is considered prestige. Moreover, moving from one country in the European Union to another remains hassle free as no extra travel documentation is asked. As long as you have authorisation to stay in any of the 27 countries, flying in and out is like getting into and out of a grocery. While other means of transport including inter-country buses and trains are well developed and interconnected, aviation is the go to for longer distances and quick trips. In Scandinavia, connecting within the region is more efficient through air transport compared to other means.

A question that visitors to Denmark, Sweden, or Norway usually ask is about which airline will serve them best. And just for your information, the Scandinavian countries have some of the best airports in the world. The airports include Copenhagen airport, Oslo airport, and Stockholm airport among many others.

While considering which airline to use, the majority of flyers try to balance cost and comfort. They want to fly with an airline that will ensure there is enough legroom. These people are keen on how the cabin crew will handle and communicate with them; the kind of food and drinks served while they are on board; the level of privacy and the entertainment systems. SAS Airlines is the airline to choose among the numerous. A big question here is: Why is SAS Airlines a proud flier? 

Brief History of SAS Airline

SAS Airlines was started in1946 after a merger of three prominent airlines. These included Danish Air Lines, Norwegian Air Lines, and Swedish Intercontinental Airlines. While the former two were the flag carriers of their nations, Swedish Intercontinental was privately held by the prominent Wallenberg family.

The airline started with a focus on international flights from three countries, giving it a wider network and passenger base. The first transatlantic flight of the trio carrier was witnessed on September 17th of the same year, operating from Stockholm to New York. This then was the kick-off of the airline’s long history of long-haul traffic from the Scandinavian region. 

SAS Airlines Today

SAS is a bustling airline today. The airline operates a fleet of 132 aircraft, divided into smaller planes like the CRJ-900, Boeing 737, and Airbus A320, and larger widebodies like the A330, A350s, and more. The carrier continues to fly heavily within Scandinavia and Europe but has shrunk its international presence to focus mainly on the US and a handful of Asian destinations. 

However, this smaller footprint is aided by the airline effectively having three major hubs in each of the Scandinavian countries. This means it can operate several routes to each of its popular destinations and maximize demand.

Modern, More Efficient Aircraft

The SAS Airlines has been making huge investments in new and modern aircraft in a bid to improve its efficiency. That means that you will enjoy a more comfortable journey, and more importantly, the move has significantly reduced climate-impacting emissions.

The SAS and Airbus Partnership 

SAS has been working on reducing the environmental impact of its flights for decades. In May 2019, the airline took a historic step by entering into a partnership with the aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, to pave the way for the large-scale use of electric and hybrid technology in commercial aircraft.

 The new project development involves more than just the aircraft themselves. Electric aircraft will require new infrastructure, including, for example, new solutions for energy supply and charging at airports. To guarantee access to electricity from renewable sources, the aim is also to involve one or more energy companies in the partnership. By investing in new technology for the next generation aircraft, SAS is helping to drive development towards more sustainable travel; which has less impact on climate than the case today.

SAS Route Network

SAS is a proud flier in all the Scandinavian countries. Worldwide, the airline offers flight routes that can take you anywhere in the world. This has been made possible through its partnership with Star Alliance. You can indeed travel to one hundred and ninety-one countries around the world,

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