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Unforgettable Eurovision Performances

It’s nearing that time of the year again when everyone gathers around the tv set to enjoy watching 40 countries musically battle it out to be crowned the champs. It’s sure to bring laughs, tears and joy as there are some incredible acts.

Two things that Eurovision has become known for are some of the acts with the craziest odds of winning and unforgettable moments. On the note of Eurovision odds, We’re sure the raving Swedish fans will be after Eurovision 2023 odds och speltips (odds and betting tips) to see who’s the favourite and who’s a long shot.

Let’s delve into some of the most memorable performances of past Eurovision song contests – maybe you’ll remember a few.

Eurovision becomes mainstream thanks to Abba in 1974

At the top of many people’s lists will be arguably the greatest performance ever staged in a Eurovision song contest. Before Abba appeared on the show, Eurovision was pretty popular. After their performance though, Eurovision pretty much became a household name and firmly ingrained in pop culture.

Abba’s performance of Waterloo in 1974 was Sweden’s first-ever win and the song went on to decimate the charts all over the globe. The song became part of pop culture, spawning not just one but two films and even stage shows.

Lordi’s performance stuns everyone in 2006

Before 2006, many of the Eurovision winners had songs that were either melancholic or pop. Enter the 2006 Eurovision winner, Lordi, who represented Finland.

Performing the song Hard Rock Hallelujah whilst dressed as heavy metal demons, the world of Eurovision had never seen anything like it before. The performance itself was incredibly high energy, had a great rock beat and was super catchy. 

They went on to get the highest point score ever achieved at the time – a huge 262 – which was only beaten in 2019. 

The iconic Dancing Lasha Tumbai in 2007

Just a year after Lordi wowed audiences, they were treated to another iconic moment when Verka Serduchka performed one of the most over-the-top songs ever on Eurovision.

Every single thing about the performance symbolises what Eurovision has come to stand for – a catchy and strange high-energy dance song, weird as-hell outfits and some pretty weird dance moves.

Whilst the song didn’t win, it’s super memorable and is well worth a watch to remember just how ‘Eurovision’ this song is.

A turkey represents Ireland – 2008

Yes, you read that right. Eurovision is always packed full of strange moments, but one of the shining examples of this has to be ‘Dustin the Turkey’ – a turkey puppet who was representing Ireland of all places.

The song also had a cheeky title – ‘Irelande Douze Pointe’ – which unfortunately didn’t get the judges to give them said ‘Douze Pointe’. The whole gimmick didn’t go down well at all, with Ireland not even making it out of the semi-finals.

Bucks Fizz sings the song that is ‘Eurovision’ – 1981

For many, many people the performance of Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz is what comes to mind when they think of Eurovision. The song was seminal and crossed boundaries when it was performed, with the now-famous risque skirt-ripping move which caused quite a stir.

Many people instantly think of the contest whenever they hear this song. It’s so entwined with the Eurovision that people who weren’t even born when it was performed know how important the song is when it comes to Eurovision.

Alexander Rybak silences the audience in 2009

Many of the acts in Eurovision are all about fun or causing a stir with some sort of bizarre routine. But there are a few who cause people to sit up, listen to the lyrics and be fully engaged with the experience.

Alexander Rybak’s performance of Fairytales in 2009 did exactly that. Performing with his violin, this entry for Norway stunned audiences with its amazing homage to his country and everything it stood for.

The performance included some stunning backup dancers as well and managed to win the contest that year.

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