Happy new year 2023 from across the Scandinavia

On the eve of  the new year 2023, cities and neighbourhoods across Scandinavia burst into frenzy as residents showed much ecstasy. With the Christmas decorations still renting space along major streets, fireworks were blown to just express the happiness of yet another new year. People defied the piercing winter cold to pour out in their numbers, tossing glasses of wine, sharing puffs of cigarettes and just breaking lose in happiness. Its a new year and a new beginning that nobody could hold back from the celebration. 

Its all about new year across the globe

If there are any two events in the Gregorian Calendar that really enchants and keep Scandniavians super active then they are Christmas and the new year. There is always a sense in which Scandinavians burst into life and defy their oftentimes boringly cold mien. They will shout, drink, party and send out presents like crazy. It’s a freaking celebratory mood during Christmas which then extends to the new year. 

The Christmas tree in Scandinavia 

Something striking about Scandinavia is the way they religiously pass down traditions from one generation to the next, almost unadulterated. The traditional christmas tree which is the ultimate symbol of the celebration, of course alongside Santa Claus mimics never misses in homes in the festive season. Ordinarily, the Christmas tree is adored and gets decorations of ornaments, candle holders, ribbons, gold, silver, name it. The tree gets to look so aesthetically bright, just like the faces of everyone around. 

Christmas tree ushers in the great celebrations in Scandinavia

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One thing we can agree about is that there is never a Christmas celebration in Scandinavia minus the Christmas tree. In the days running up to the big day, people begin to set up and decorate the tree. It takes lights and an assortment of stuff to make it. For those who can access the tree on their own, it is possible to go down in the forest and pick up fir. Its amazing shape well makes up for the Christmas tree. But those in the cities can always be sure to buy one from vendors. In fact, lovers of artificial decorations take to ornamental plastic Christmas trees. 

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New year celebration frenzy in Scandinavia

Ushering in a new year isn’t a mean feat all across the world. From Sydney to Hawaii and everywhere in between, people cherish this moment that comes only once every year. In most cases, a new year presents us all with a clean slate on which to write new resolutions, make fresh plans and chart new paths. So many resolutions come in the new year as we take stock of the just ending year. The situation is not any different in Scandinavia. In fact, the new year mood is so supercharged. 

Hurrah, its a new year for us

Fireworks, ululations, whistles, shouts, parties, merrymarking, name it-that is what new year means in Scandinavia. In most cases, people would light candles in the countdown and the last one is expected to be lit on the last day of the year. Its never boring to say the least.

Those who really want to enjoy the new year’s eve gather in groups with friends and family. People stay up late into the night over drinks and food. A few minutes to the break of the new year, Scandinavians would go out with a bunch of fireworks and light the skies in celebration. 

The new year celebration across Scandinavia is almost similar and even visitors can easily join in. It is always the moment where even the introverted briefly open up to enjoy. Should you find yourself in Scandinavia one of these new year eve, be ready to have moments of a lifetime.