Get a Freetrailer in Denmark to Move your Stuff

Denmark is an amazing country with so many things for adventure, learn and challenge oneself. Although not so many out there may know that Denmark ranks among the exciting places to work, live, study, research and many more, it actually is. But, there is always the other side of Denmark which often surprises those who move without having done prior research. It is that the cost of services is astronomically high. It is necessary that anyone and everyone who lives in Denmark knows about Freetrailer in Denmark to save on costs of moving bulky stuff around.
Use the Freetrailer App today

Just a small task like moving household items from an old apartment to a new one can cost you an arm and a leg. If just to paint a picture for someone wondering what it is like to live in Denmark, the country is where the aphorism “time is money” actually finds true meaning. If you thought this as being an exaggeration, just try searching for movers in Denmark and ask for a quotation based on the destination. You will be surprised at how much Kroners one needs to cough out just to move items around. To avoid being trapped in the struggle to move bulky stuff in Denmark, having a trailer attached to and pulled by your own car is a great solution. 

Most cars in Denmark actually have a tow bar fixed to the rear of cars which allows attached trailers of a given specification as by the Danish Traffic Laws to be pulled. Some people have their own private trailers which is a great thing but then why buy one but only use it once in a blue moon? Not a good idea. The alternative is the Freetrailer concept that has found great practice and traction across Denmark.

Freetrailer may just help you save money on moving bulky Stuff in Denmark

Saving money is an important part of life. The costs of living in Denmark will send you looking for the easiest hacks to save your money. This applies to whether or not you are new in Denmark. It’s worse if you are living on a budget. It might sound terrifying but don’t worry too much. Besides, if anything, the rich culture in Denmark should make the hustle worth it. 

Denmark is invested in making the stay for foreigners and natives as comfortable as possible. They want to ensure that you find reasons to want to stay. So, you have arrived in Denmark but there is still the question of how to move your things. Relocating can be a big nightmare anywhere if you are not well prepared. In most cases, you end up spending a lot of money for various reasons. 

The good news for you is that you can find a free trailer in Denmark to help with the move. Most foreigners in Denmark don’t own a car since it can be very expensive. Picture a situation where you have spent most of your money in moving to Denmark. You probably don’t have enough money left to buy a car. 

Finding a Free Trailer in Denmark

Every newcomer to Denmark or someone moving to a new city needs just that extra detail which would save a hassle. If anything, knowing a thing or two about easy tricks to move your household items from one place to the next in Denmark will save you a lot of stress. It is a fairly easy process depending on your budget. Renting a free trailer is the easiest and cheapest way to move your things in Denmark. It beats renting a car transporter or asking for a company to help you transport your things. 

Most free trailers can be reserved online using different applications. You’ll only pay 29 Kr and get the rest of the services free of charge. Free trailers can be found everywhere in Denmark. So don’t concern yourself with whether they are available at your location.

Free trailer rentals will offer you a range of vehicles depending on the stuff you need moved. You can expect to find everything from small microcars to large cargo vans with lifts in most of these places. Such a place will also have a wide variety of car trailers for rent. So just select what best suits your needs. 

Reserving a Free Trailer in Denmark 

Most free trailer rentals will offer a variety of trailers both big and small. You have to select the right sized trailer for your move. This will depend on the number of things you want to move. If you are moving just a few stuff then select a small trailer and reserve it. 

To reserve a free trailer just use your application or search online. Most of these applications have a search bar at the top where you can enter what you are looking for. You’ll be expected to enter your location. You should also include the date in your search. This will give you a list of what is available to you.  

Most applications will show you details of the nearest dealers offering car trailer rentals. Most cities and towns have free trailer dealers therefore, you should not have trouble locating one. Some dealers will advise you to purchase insurance, which will ensure that you are covered in the case of an accident.

Why you should Use a Free Trailer in Denmark 

Renting a free trailer in Denmark will cost you as little as 29kr, everything else is usually free. It is considered an easy, simple and cheaper solution for moving your stuff in the country. It is also more flexible than using a moving company. Renting a free trailer means that you can move at your own pace. You also choose the trailer that best suits your needs so it won’t be inconvenient along the way. 

Besides, renting a free trailer is fairly affordable. Most dealers include the liability and hull insurance in the price.  So, it’s up to you to decide if you need any extra self-risk insurance to further save costs. This is important because you never know if you will get into an accident. I would recommend it, but of course caution is important. 

Rules for Driving a Free Trailer in Denmark 

Like in many other countries, there are rules for driving a free trailer in Denmark. The rules apply depending on the total weight of the trailer with the load. For instance, you must have a valid license to drive a small car (B license). But even with the license, the weight should not be more than 3500 kg. On the other hand if it weighs more than 3500kg, you must have either a B+ driver’s license or a trailer driver’s license.  The maximum weight you can carry is 7000kg. 

Home Goods Storage

You should also note that there are places you can store your things if you have not found a place to move them to. You can find some of these places online for both long and short-term storage. However, Copenhagen and other big cities have more storage options than small towns. When you visit their websites, you will be able to see prices for self-storage units by size. So it means that you can compare and choose one with the most competitive prices. Storage in Denmark costs around 2,070 DKK (305 USD) per square meter a year.