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The Etiquette of Giving and Receiving Wedding Tradition Gifts

If you are looking to learn more about the specific wedding gift traditions in order to ensure a happy wedding reception, it can be stressful if you are not aware of the most commonly made errors and mistakes that people experience in this situation.

This is because wedding traditions gifts are steeped in local traditions and customs that are meant to celebrate and honor the happy couple on their special day. And while you could always play it safe and go for something simple, many times wedding couples will appreciate the extra thought of your special gift.

However, with so many different traditions and customs to consider, it is important to follow proper etiquette when it comes to giving and receiving these gifts. So read on to learn all about it!

A wedding is a huge day for the couple, family and friends.

Consider the customs

Different cultures and families have their own way of doing things when it comes to wedding traditions gifts. It is important to be aware of these customs and to follow them to the best of your ability.

In Scandinavia it is also very common to focus on practical gifts that the happy couple can use in their home once everything has settled down. From kitchen equipment to help them manage their daily chores, to baby clothing and other daily accessories.

If you are unsure of their specific customs and traditions, it might be wise to contact a close friend of theirs, one of their family members, or possibly even the maid of honor to see if you can glean what other people are buying for them.

Respect their wishes

Sometimes you might not even need to be worrying about getting the right gift. Many couples today opt to create a registry of preferred gift items or request donations to a particular charity or cause in lieu of traditional gifts. It is important to respect their wishes and choose a gift that aligns with their preferences.

You might also be able to learn more about the couple’s wishes in this way, even if you do not purchase anything specific off the list. If they are looking for a lot of items for their children or baby on the way, you can find something else in that same genre to buy.

Stay humble and be considerate

Even if you are following a specific tradition or following the gift registry published by the couple, it is important to put some thought into your gift. Personalized or customized gifts are often appreciated, as they show that you have put effort into selecting something special and meaningful for the couple.

While it is nice to show your love and appreciation for the couple, it is important to be mindful of your budget and not go overboard with your gift. It is the thought that counts, and a heartfelt and meaningful gift will be appreciated just as much as a more expensive one.

It is never good social etiquette to outdo your peers around you on a regular basis, and the focus should never land on you at a wedding. It should be all about the happy couple. Nothing ruins a wedding faster than having upset the bride and groom on their own special day.

Be gracious

If you are the one receiving wedding gifts, it is important to remember to be gracious and thankful. This includes not asking for too expensive gifts, special items or products that are very hard to source, or otherwise make life too difficult for your wedding guests.

For example, in Denmark it is common for the guests to bang their cutlery on the tables, signaling that the bride and groom should stand up and kiss each other. This can seem weird at first glance, but these customs are often old traditions that are normal at weddings. By playing into this you can make sure that everyone enjoy themselves.

At the same you should conduct yourself with elegance and grace. Even if you are not enjoying a particular gift, you should make sure to thank the person giving it for their thoughtfulness and let them know how much you appreciate their thought (if not gift itself).

Ideas for different wedding gifts that follow traditions

A gift of money

In most Scandinavian countries and cultures, it is perfectly acceptable to give a gift of money or other valuable items, such as jewelry or artwork to the couple. This gift is often given in an envelope or wrapped in a decorative box. It will help them pick out what they need once things have settled down, and they have had a chance to look at all the other gifts.

A gift of household items

In some European cultures it is traditional to give the couple gifts of household items, such as linens, kitchen appliances, or furniture. These gifts are meant to help the couple set up their new home and establish a sense of domesticity.

Be careful not to be too standard with your purchase, and also make sure they are not already getting the specific appliance you are looking at from someone else attending the wedding.

A gift of food or drink

Food and drink are often popular wedding tradition gifts in Europe. This could include a basket of gourmet goodies, a bottle of fine wine or champagne, or a gift certificate to a restaurant or culinary experience.

A gift of experience

These types of gifts, such as tickets to a concert or sporting event, or a gift certificate for a weekend getaway, are also popular in Scandinavia. These gifts are meant to provide the couple with special memories and experiences to enjoy together. If you know the bride or groom well, you might know their favorite musician, comedian or sports team. Just consider whether both the bride and groom will enjoy this gift, or if it would be better suited for a birthday present.

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