8 Christmas Gifts ideas for family and friends in Scandinavia

Christmas is around the corner and almost everything happening around keeps reminding us of the Christmas tree, decorations, parties and every frenzy that comes with the season. Probably you\ve landed in Scandinavia recently and are really trying to adjust to what Christmas festivities mean in the region. Here we give insights on what Christmas gifts will tick your newfound friends, workmates or classmates; whatever the case may be. 

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Many people will confess that getting fully settled in Scandinavia isn’t easy. It requires an individual to deliberately learn new things and get over certain reservations from back home. If there is a good time to really immerse yourself into integration is the festivities when Scandinavians astonishingly get into the carefree mode of gifting, partying and just enjoying.

Let’s pick out the kind of Christmas presents that will intrigue your circles should you wish to present something to them. Yes, flowers have a common place as a gift among the Scandinavians but there’s just way more to excite the people dear to you. 

Hello Christmas 2023!!

You pass through or go shopping in many cities across Scandinavia today and the streets glitter with beautiful decorations. For once you will notice the real sense of bliss and colorfulness in the oft dull city corners. Obviously you would also wish to warm the hearts of those dear to you by wrapping a Christmas present for them. 

Just as an extra, you may already know that it isn’t so easy for a Scandinavian to give you hard money. Seems the Scandinavian culture discourages gifting in hard cash and the finance system also monitors such movements of money. So as a basic, you’re encouraged to buy a Christmas gift and keep it safe until the righttime to present it to the esteemed recipient. 

As the Christmas carols begin to sound and everyone’s heart fills with the “jingle bell jingle bell” song, its surely time to get the best gift ready as well. 

What Christmas season means in Scandinavia

Many people often say that Scnandinavians are stone cold in their interactions. This may be true depending on where and how you get to interact with them. During the festive season when every gloomy face turns brilliant and filled with so much joy, the Scandinvains get to their element. 

There’s a characteristic frenzy and happiness that accompany Christmas in Scandinavia. It doesn’t really matter how often people go to church, mosques or wherever the religious congregation is. When it’s the Christmas season, it’s all about celebrating the season and reminiscing about the birth or Jesus Christ.

Christmas in Scandinavia can be summed up into celebrations and gifting. Lots of people love gifts as it gives them some sense of fulfillment. By gifting, we express our appreciation and love. If you are looking for a good gift for your family, friends, or co-workers and you are on a budget, here are some ideas.

Furthermore, people give gifts to their friends, family, and colleagues for various reasons. One of the top reasons is because gifting makes a difference in other people’s lives. It makes them feel valued. Also, people are given gifts in supporting their battle against some diseases such as cancer which not only drain people emotionally but also financially. Lastly, gifting makes others feel satisfied, wonderful, and happy. During such a season, people are usually undecided on the gifts that they should give their loved ones. Here are some ideas.

Gifts that warm hearts in Scandinavia

Without a doubt, your Christmas will always feel better by receiving and sending out gifts to friends and loved ones. In Scandinavia, you may choose from a wide variety of stuff that will make those you care about feel so good as well. In order to share the love and excitement that Christmas brings among Scandinavians, identify the best fit gifts  as hard money isn’t anything that comes easily as a gift. 

Other than the listed gift ideas, you may also get more inspirations from Nordic gift guide.

1. Christmas Gift Card

A gift card is a good gift idea whether you are on budget or not. With it, one can choose to spend on whatever items which are available in the gift card listed stores. Basically, the recipient has the chance to purchase whatever they want. 

In addition, the gift card may be physical or even digital. You are the one who knows what fits the person you want to gift. Also, most gift cards have a long validity period meaning that they can be used any time you want. Some of the top gift cards can be purchased from restaurants, clothing stores, or even electronic shops, or even a trip like in countries such as Norway. 

2. Airfryer gift for Christmas

This year, air fryers have been very popular. Airfryer is a good gift idea as it has capacity for cooking veggies, chicken, fries, and other things. You just need to set time and wait for them to cook then check later. 

Try gifting one of your close friends and family then thank me later. Some of the health benefits of airfryer include reduced fat intake, preserved nutrients, low calories and lower chronic diseases risk. Also, as compared to the other cooking pots, an airfryer is so easy to clean, it can be done in one minute. 

3. Winter Clothes

Giving clothes as a gift is very thoughtful and it is a show that you value the person(s) and even know their sizes. Clothes gift make someone feel attached to you. During winter, people love candles, sweaters, thermal gloves, fuzzy slippers, blankets, and jackets. It is soon getting chilly, meaning you should be prepared with such kinds of gifts to help go through the cold weather. 

4. Spark up 

Spark ups are safer, cleaner, and sleeker. They are highly recommended for someone who is looking for colored flameless lighters. You can use them in lighting cigarettes, candles, and stoves. As a smoker, you will have the chance of carrying something that is vibes. 

Every lighter usually some with a USB cable that is used for recharging. Also, they have safety switches that play a great role in preventing accidents. It is a great gift as it is sustainable and convenient. 

5. Sleek headphone gift for Christmas

Headphones are another great gift idea for your loved one. With the headphones on, one can focus on jogging or even exercising. Besides, headphones give one the chance of having alone time in which they can focus on themselves and the happenings about their life. 

6. Temperature Control Mug

With the current cold, a temperature control mug gift will come in handy. It will give one the opportunity of staying in their comfort zone without having to heat up their cup of coffee. The good thing about the warmer is that it keeps drinks at a very high temperature. Also, it preserves a drink’s natural flavors. 

7. Potted plant

Plants are important for every home. If you are thinking of a gift idea, then you can choose a potted plant. Some of the plants you can choose from are jade plants and bonsai trees. They do play a great role in purifying a home’s air. Did you know that plants also lower stress and add some beauty in your home?

8. Safer Candlelight

Having a candlelight at home is very romantic. However, the thought of house burning does prevent people from purchasing them. However, with safer candlelight, you don’t have to worry about your home’s safety. With the Metal Novelty Lamp, you can have a traditional chamberstick. 

It glows just like a real candle. Also, it has different brightness settings. Therefore, it depends on what you want. If you want it to be brighter, then you should set it. It is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about the battery. The charge can last for between 15 to 110 hours. I am sure your loved ones will love it. 

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