Naestved city

Naestved city – medieval grandeur

There is no doubt that some of the biggest proponents for a holiday in Naestved are the children. At least for those who know that it is here BonBon-land is located. The children are absolutely right. Here they can expect exciting, dramatic, fun and great experiences in – also outside the famous amusement park.

Naestved – Medieval modernism

Located about an hour’s drive from Copenhagen. rural Naestved is close to the big city. The city was formerly one of the country greatest, way back in the Middle Ages. In the 1200s Naestved were larger and had more wealth than Copenhagen and all the other Zealand cities, surpassed only by Roskilde.

The historic grandeur of that time one can sense in the many restored medieval buildings still in use and the area’s castles and manor houses. Today greatness have gotten provincial-life as a neighbor, and the two go well together in Naestved. The nature and the beauty of  the Naestved area has inspired the largest Danish writers and poets – and it is easy to see why. Today, nature share attention with action-holidays, historical stories and sites, art and South Jutland’s largest shopping center, Naestved Stor-Center. The genuine, relaxed holiday atmosphere with the cozy chilling harbor , fresh fish, café-tours and only 15 steps to a great sandy beach in Karrebaeksminde.

In addition to the historical grandeur and overwhelming nature vacation is all about relaxing, to eat the summer’s biggest ice, find a crab and get sand between your toes. That’s how Naestved is too – whether you are here for a day or several weeks.

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