Football in Denmark

Football in Denmark is among the many activities that keeps the country shining among the community of nations. Actually, football in Denmark allows talented young people to fully exploit their abilities while earning a living from it. The game of football and world acclaimed footballers that Denmark has produced in the past is a true testament that the country has great treasures to behold.

Denmark playing against England

Association football is the most common sport in Denmark . It has about 1647 registered as well as 331 693 players under Danish FA. The British sailors introduced the game to the Danes. The Denmark national football team is the one representing Denmark in the men’s international competition, and the Danish Football Association controls it.

The History of Denmark National Football team

Football in Denmark has a long history which probably is the reason behind its great growth to what it is today. Soccer, as it is known among many Danes has undergone periods of building, establishment pf regional clubs and tapping into the best talents.

Over time, the Danish National team has managed to tap into the best of talents available in the country. It is through this sheer football development that Denmark has even qualified to play at the 2022 world cup to be held in Qatar.

Amateur years

The Danes made a name for themselves in the Olympics. In 1906, the Copenhagen Football Association team defeated the Greek team, making them win the unofficial gold medal. After two years, they became second in the first Olympics official football tournament. Winning silver in 1912 also made them be ranked as the best team globally by ELO ranking.

Even with the good encouraging results, the Danish Football Federation (DBU) did not have an interest in international football. The issue made them play friendly matches as well as participate in Nordic Championship from 1920 to 1948. Also, the issue made the good Danish footballers seek fortune in other nations.

In 1964, the nation qualified for European Championship in which they completed fourth after losing to Hungary and the Soviet Union. The results made DBU commence accepting professional players in the national team. It was also during that time that professional football was introduced in the nation, making the national football team competitive.

Dark Horses

In 1980, the national team could join the trophy race. After missing the 1982 world cup, the team qualified for the 1984 Euro. The competition paved the way for them, and they were able to appear in the first World Cup in 1986. Unfortunately, they did not win as they were thrashed by Spain in round 16.

Champions of Europe

After making an appearance in the world championship, the national team participated in the Euro 1988. Unfortunately, they were defeated, and they did not qualify in the 1990 world cup as well. The defeats made them change the coach, although they as well failed to qualify for the 1992 Euro.

Decline and Revival

In 1996, the team failed to defend its trophy, as they were defeated at the group stages. They also performed poorly in the 2000 Euro championship. Even though they were defeated, they managed to be among the teams in the 1998 World Cup. At round of 16, the team dismantled Nigeria 4-1 but eventually lost to Brazil 2-3.

The Olsen Gang from 2000 to 2015

Morten Olsen, the new coach, worked hard to ensure that Denmark got a good performance. However, they had mixed performances because on two occasions (Euro 2004 and 2002 World Cup), they did well while at the group stage but were unable to advance further. At the 2004 World Cup, the Czech Republic eliminated them in the quarterfinals. With the same coach, they were able to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

Hareide Arrival 2016 to 2020

The coach enabled Denmark to secure a place in the 2018 World Cup. In the round of 16, they had a draw with Croatia, but they were unfortunately knocked out in the penalty shootout. The team also showed good performance in the Euro 2020, but they were eliminated in the semi-finals against England.

The Current Denmark National Team Squad

  1. Fredrik Ronnow: Goalkeeper
  2. Kasper Schmeichel: Goalkeeper
  3. Jasper Hansen: Goalkeeper
  4. Joachim Andersen: Center-back
  5. Andreas Christensen: Center-back
  6. Simon Kjaer: Center-back
  7. Jannik Vestergaard: Centre back
  8. Joakim Maehle: Right back
  9. Jens Stryger Larsen: Right back
  10. Rasmus Kristensen: Right back
  11. Thomas Delaney: Defensive midfield
  12. Christian Norgaard: Central midfield
  13. Daniel Wass: Central midfield
  14. Mathias Jensen: Central midfield
  15. Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg: Central midfield
  16. Jacob Bruun Larsen: Left Winger
  17. Mohamed Daramy: Left winger
  18. Mikkel Damsgaard: Left Winger
  19. Andreas Skov Olsen: Right Winger
  20. Andreas Cornelius: Centre Forward
  21. Jonas Wind: Centre Forward
  22. Yussuf Poulsen: Centre Forward
  23. Kasper Dolberg: Centre Forward

Denmark women’s national football team

Denmark women’s national football team represents the nation in international women’s football. Just like the men’s national team, DBU controls it. Their home stadium is Viborg stadium.

Denmark Women against Germany

The Current Women Squad

  1. Lene Christensen
  2. Katrine Svane
  3. Kathrine Larsen
  4. Sara Thrige
  5. Stine Ballisager
  6. Rikke Sevecke (vice-captain)
  7. Simone Boye
  8. Luna Gevitz
  9. Sofie Svava
  10. Matilde Lundorf
  11. Nanna Christiansen
  12. Sanne Troelsgaard Nielsen
  13. Emma Snerle
  14. Katrine Veje
  15. Sofie Junge Pedersen
  16. Janni Thomsen
  17. Mille Gejl
  18. Pernille Harder (captain)
  19. Stine Larsen
  20. Kathrine Møller Kühl
  21. Rikke Madsen
  22. Signe Bruun
  23. Cecilie Fløe

The Best Danish Footballers in History

  • Michael Laudrup: Attacking midfielder/ forward, 37 goals, and 104 caps.
  • Peter Schmeichel: A goalkeeper with 129 caps and one goal.
  • Brian Laudrup: Attacking midfielder/forward, 21 goals, and 82 caps
  • Christian Eriksen: Played 305 times, had 109 caps, and 51 goals
  • John Dahl Tomasson:  He was a striker and one of the highest goal scorers (52) and had 112 caps.
  • Preben Elkjær Larsen: Striker, 38 goals, and 69 caps

The Football Traditions that makes sense to Danes

  1. The singing and swaying: The fans do enjoy sing songs such as, Vi sejler op af åen, vi sejler nedad igen. Det var vel nok en dejlig sang, den må vi ha’ endnu en gang.”
  2. They love saying, “We’re not going home. We’re going further!”
  3. Special number 10
  4. The obsession with white and red
  5. The weird clapping hat

Dana Cup Hjørring

Dana Cup Hjørring is considered the largest sporting event in Denmark. Globally, it is regarded as the third largest youth soccer tournament. It is also an international tournament with about 90% foreign teams.

The tournament provides good grass fields in an environment that is safe. About 20000 of the participants do play in the international groups. In each summer, the tournament does host over 1000 teams from about 45 nations during every summer, and this year’s competition was conducted from 26th July 2021 to 31st July 2021.

Current Competitions for the Denmark National Football team

In the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification, Denmark was in group F, and it qualified for the competition. The group consisted of six teams, including Scotland, Moldova, Israel, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, and Austria.  

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