Romance, Dating and Relationships in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a region which never stops surprising immigrants from the rest of the world who come to live there. The surprises are not only in the way the communities are organised but also food, dressing, relationships, transport and welfare system.

Because the surprises in Scandinavia are just too many to fully talk about in a single short post, lets focus on just one- relationships. The reason why the issues of relationship stands out is how controversial it may be and the immense emotional investment that people put into it.

Kick-Starting a Relationship in Scandinavia

As the internet continues to keep almost every part of the world connected, romantic relationships too thrive between people worlds apart. Of interest is online dating in Scandinavia which is an in thing among both men and women. You may first think that people in Scandinavia are too fearful to directly  approach the person they have a feeling for. But, when you talk to Scandinavian fanatics of online dating, you will realize that they have a reason for it; everyone is just too busy and all they need is a digital solution that links them to that Mr. or Ms right.

So many relationships in Scandinavia start online from dating sites. Some people feel that Scandinavian men are too timid to approach women while others think it’s because the women are too powerful and intimidating. Whichever is the case, almost three quarters to half of relationships you see around could have started online.

In some parts of the world it is considered unlikely that handsome men or beautiful ladies will go an extra mile to parade themselves online seeking a suitor. It is a different thing altogether in Scandinavia. For Scandinavians, the principle is short, simple and precise; you know who you are and what you want, then use all means available to get it. Scandinavian people don’t judge anyone for creating their profile on dating sites and confessing to have met online. Surprised? Not at all, this happens every day-in fact every hour if not minute.

As an immigrant who is just beginning to explore your romantic relationships in Scandinavia, it may seem so frustrating to post your pictures online to attract a mate. Actually, so many immigrants suffer in silence and completely avoid getting to date online. It is not just normal for them to, for the lack of a better word, appear desperate. But fearing online dating only does one thing, leaves you desperate and longing for a mate who will never come by.

Seriousness of Dating in Scandinavia

You are young, beautiful or handsome; whichever the case applies. Possibly you are out there trying to experience the worth or romance and relationship in Scandinavia. Sure, nothing is wrong with you at all. There is so much romance and love in the region save for a few things that may be intriguing to know.

As much as the seriousness of romantic relationships and dating  in Scandinavia vary from one to the next, it is never so serious. Things are pretty casual up there in Scandinavia. If anything, the saying that one needs to kiss so many frogs before meeting the right one seems to have been intended for Scandivia. As soon as a teenager attains the age of 15 years they already start having boyfriends and girlfriends.

Whatever teenagers in Scandinavia does with boyfriend and girlfriend may not even be the issue. The concern is, how many more boyfriends and girlfriends will they have to date and romance with before settling. Remember the average age at which people settle for serious relationship in Scandinavia is 35 years. So count with me, starting sexual relationship at 15years means that an average Scandinavian will date  for 20 years before finally settling in a marriage. Most of them don’t even marry and if they do, divorce after a while.

To be brutally honest, marriage in almost considered unpalatable and untenable among most Scandinavians. Look here, the divorce rates across all the Scandinavian countries is in the highs of  more than 45%. What does this mean?

As an immigrant whose culture highly values marriage, childbearing and the saying of “until death do us part”, having a serious relationship with a Scandinavian may require a second thought. Of course it is understandable that not all relationships should end up in marriage but at least it should have some promise or hope. If you are out for sheer enjoyment, fun and warmth from someone of the opposite sex, then no big deal, Scandinavia will offer it to you in influx.

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships in Scandinavia

You will be forgiven for thinking that almost everyone in Scandinavia is not married but living as boyfriend and girlfriend. So many times you will see a fully grown man or woman, even in their 50s talking about living with their boyfriends.å

As a foreigner, you may feel uncomfortable that someone at 50s or even more say that they have befriends. Its freaking surprising but that is the reality in Scandinavia. Because cohabitation with a partner when still dating is allowed in most Scandinavia, its commonplace to have such kind of relationships around.

Power balance between people dating in Scandinavia

In most parts of the world , men are always in charge when dating. In fact, they call almost every shot and women just obey. This could somehow also be the case in Scandinavia, only that women are pretty much empowered. It may shock any foreigner dating a Scandinavian woman that it is not possible to all the time succeed in manipulating her.

A Scandinavian woman is level-headed but can also decide to apply toxic feminism even when dating. Sorry, they do it so many times up there. You will never be completely in charge of the dating and she will literally call you out at the slightest perceived mistake. This might not sit well with men who naturally like to dominate and be in control. Although I may not have scientific information to support it, maybe this kind of reality explains the high divorce rates and failing romantic relationships in Scandinavia.  

Going ahead and dating a Scandinavian

It is a free world where every person has a chance at exploring their fantasies and fulfilling even the wildest of their desires. Similarly, nobody is going to just stop anyone from dating a Scandinavian. In fact, it is against the spirit pf cultural integration to shun dating anyone based on a judgement of where he or she comes from. But in general, it is necessary to know what exactly is at stake. Knowing what you are getting yourself into in terms or dating and relationship is good enough.

In Scandinavia, there are couples who dated for long, got married and are now aging together. On the other hand, there are so many flowery relationships  in Scandinavia which never see a fortnight. So before getting yourself laid or laying someone, know what the whole thing is up to. Ask what your end goal in the dating is and whether you are fully ready to cope with the thunderbolts that may come hitting direct at you through the journey.

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