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Dating in Denmark

When new to Denmark, dating can be one interesting way to beat the challenges in the new environment. As a foreigner, dating means more than just socializing or developing intimacy. It is therapeutic as the partner becomes someone close with whom to share the anxieties, worries and fulfillment.

Remember, when you move to Denmark, the social relationships you have built at home will not be there anymore. It means life starts afresh from scratch. Therefore, the best way to reconcile oneself with the strange culture and social system in Denmark is dating. 

The initial urge to date in Denmark 

Moving to Denmark, especially on longer residence status, it is common to experience a nudging desire to socialize. For an unmarried person moving to Denmark, the common response to this desire for intimacy is dating. Even if you travel with your friends or relatives, a feeling of loneliness can easily set in. The society in Denmark can seem entirely unique since people are  different, silent and not as much outgoing as in for example the United States. This means to get along with dating, one must be keen on how to do it. 

Common impression of Dating in Denmark

Dating in Denmark can be extremely hard for newcomers, and it will probably be difficult for you. Language barrier is an immediate hindrance to the socio-cultural interrelationships necessary to strike rapport in dating. Again, the dating process itself and the philosophy attached to relationships in Denmark are much different from those found in the rest of the western world. 

There is some hesitation on intimacy leading to marriage in the land of Vikings. However, do not be afraid. If you want to date in Denmark, take advantage of the opportunity presented and try to have the best experience. Here we offer some few tips that can help you make excellent maneuvers in the Danish dating expedition. We have keenly selected the salient points to make your dating life in Denmark a good adventure.  

Usual dating tactics do not work

The dating process that works in most parts of the world, including other parts of Europe, Asia, and America may not necessarily work in Denmark. Ordinarily, a man will see a lady he likes and approach her. He will try to initiate a new conversation. Perhaps the conversation may revolve around asking to meet up over a cup of coffee  in a downtown restaurant or so. He may also ask if she would like to dance if they are in a nightclub. Sorry, these tactics will not give you an inch in the land of the Vikings. Your proposal to a lovely girl may end up being rejected outright. 

Possible feeling of rejection

If your approach to a lady is wrong, you may worry that this happened because you are a foreigner or because of your color or background. No. That’s not the case. The Danes take their time before they can trust a stranger. In fact , the fast impression you create will determine whether they will go a long with you or not. A typical Danish girl is not sensually aggressive. They will bid their time, assess you before allowing you into their lives. This is also the case with the men.  not sail along well with strangers. 

Carrot-on-a Stick Approach to Dating in Denmark 

The Danes only trust in the people they know. So, it will be easier to draw attention to yourself as their friend. Carry flowers with you if you’re invited or send it immediately upon receiving an invitation from a Dane. In fact, doing so will tell them about your respectful nature and that the invitation is a pleasure for you. Although most Danish families are welcoming and open in nature, any slight blunder will cost your invitation, and so you must respond to such an invitation in a graceful manner. 

Also try to make some sincere gestures such as taking a bottle of wine or beer with you. If you’re sure that particular Dane has now become your friend, then do not hesitate to make a maneuver to ask her for an affair as they will not deny if they like you. 

You must be Patient!

They say Patience is a virtue that was created for Danes. Although this may not be true, it works in Danish dating. Patience is the only tool that can enable you to find your soulmate in Denmark. Do not hurry. You must be ready to take things slowly. In fact, this tactic will automatically translate into something big in the long run.

So if you want to get involved in a serious relationship with a Dane, begin by becoming their friend. Your meeting places do not matter as you are allowed to meet in the Danish dating sites or in reality. In case you already have a friend in common, then it’s undeniable that your chances of winning that beautiful Dane woman are tremendously raised. 

Bus stops are no-go dating zones in Denmark 

This piece of a tip applies to many other public places, too, unless alcohol is being served and consumed. Although it is perfectly okay to approach a girl who is doing her weekly shopping and initiate a conversation in America and other parts of Europe, doing so in Denmark is downright awkward.

You will automatically lose a girl you like because of this simple mistake. You’re also likely to get sectioned in what will translate to the worst experience and day for you. 

Be Yourself to Date in Denmark

Let me tell you another thing that will get you rejected automatically. I usually call this behavior Fort Lauderdale behavior because it is the norm and way people dated when they lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A man would tell a woman how much money they have or made, how much power, influence, and the number of cars they had, and how expensive their watches were. The land of Vikings does not permit all these as you’re likely to get nowhere with these. 

One of the most golden traits about the Danish women and Danes, in general, is that they are not attracted to or fused about another person’s financial status. Just because you own a hand-me-down bike or you’re wearing non-designer shoes does not mean that you’re the odd one. I will tell you that the majority of the Danes like honesty and compassion over any other things. So do not try to portray yourself big because you will be rejected.  

Flexing your Danish Language Skills is top secret to Dating in Denmark

Your ability to communicate in Danish will increase your affinity for Danish women if you’re a man. Danish women cannot resist even a badly pronounced Danish word because it just turns them crazy. You will go from portraying yourself as grumpy and slightly podgy to someone irresistible and defy the challenges that emerge in a new environment. Although it may not be an automatic ticket that you will get accepted for speaking bad Danish, they will appreciate you for attempting their preposterously difficult and challenging Danish language. 

If you ever happen to speak the Danish language with a lot of fluency, then you’re almost sure of winning a Danish soul. Proper communication will enable you to express your feelings in a more organized way and comfortable with one another. 

Learning to be Direct can help you succeed in Dating in Denmark 

Playing with words is not a common thing among the Danes. They love honesty and being transparent. If these people say something to you, be sure that it is extremely sincere and honest. Before you involve yourself in a serious relationship, always be sure to understand what your partner or friend is thinking. If lying is a technique you often used in your home country to win the hearts of women, I am sorry, it won’t just work here. In this sense, therefore, you must learn to speak your heart and whatever you genuinely believe will impress your partner.

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