Scandinavian Women

Scandinavian women are a unique type due to different reasons. For instance, they are not only strikingly beautiful but also highly independent and fitness enthusiastic. Most of these women also know what they want, are more in charge of their reproductive health and family.

Just to have idea about how much grip the Scandinavian women have , do a small exercise. Take a snap check on the internet and see how many women control economy, politics, strategy, technology and many more in Scandinavia. For instance, the prime ministers of all the Scandinavian countries are women. That alone sends some bells ringing .

Any person used to seeing womenfolk sit back while men be in charge, the Scandinavian women will be a surprise. In fact, you may even realise that women in Scandinavia are more in charge of the society affairs than men. As opposed to the rest of the world where women are more passive than active, Scandinavian women are active participants in the society.

The activity of Scandinavian women can be felt in every sector in the region including but not limited to science, industrial management and politics.

To focus on the active role of the Scandinavian women alone will be too narrow. There is much more to these women than just what great roles they play in shaping their society.

The Scandinavian women are hot, in fact saying that they are just beautiful is an understatement. Yes, they are charmingly beautiful I just said it!

If you wish to confirm that the Scandinavian women are stunning, just make a random search “Scandinavian women” on google, go to the pictures option. Trust me, the salacious and stunning pictures that appear will leave you drooling to date one of them. But before you get taken away with the lust, just know they come across as very strict and independent-just so you know.

Uniqueness of the Scandinavian women

If you are a man from a country where women dictated everything, then Scandinavian women will just show you your right place. They have over time grown to the reality that what men can do, women can do better!

When you arrive in Scandinavia, do not be surprised to see the womenfolk proudly taking jobs which in some parts of the world are considered the preserve of men and men alone. They are all over in civil engineering, machine operations , industrial farming as well as any other fields where men are.

Scandinavian women are independent, probably more independent than in any other society today. In Scandinavia, women know and guard their space, always standing up to any attempts to suppress them.

An average Scandinavian woman will squarely share roles with the man. They do not accept the old school ideology that women do the donkey work in the house while the husband just sits idly watching cartoons, Not at all!

Among Scandinavian women, flirts and short periods of fun with a man whom they trust is no big deal. Once they trust you, it is possible to have some flings and fun, even live together and enjoy sex. But it is something else when it gets to the point of marriage or getting kids; you two have to agree.

With a Scandinavian woman, getting married or having a kid is a choice, not an impulse.

Beauty of Scandinavian women

Something striking about the Scandinavian women is their striking beauty and inner power. Different stories have been used to explain why the women are pretty but one stands out-that the Vikings went around raiding, captured pretty women and brought them back with them.

So, if the Vikings story is right, then the beautiful women of Scandinavia are as a result of those that were brought before them.

In fact some of the prettiest models in the modelling industry come from Scandinavia. Perhaps their participation in the modelling industry is also because they are skinny. An average Scandinavian woman believes in working out and losing enough flesh.

Sharp and beautiful Scandinavian woman

To a Scandinavian lady or woman, being slim is beautiful. Of course, the men too do not like chubby women. So every morning, you will meet the women, just like the men hitting the streets and hiking trails trying to lose some pounds of weight.

At the risk of sounding perverted, Scandinavian women have this striking and tantalizing body appearance. They are sporty and at the same time seductively  feminine.

So if as man all you need is a woman who knows how to well care of her body, then Scandinavia is for you. But if you are interested in a traditional woman who unquestioningly submits to her man, then we are sorry to disappoint!

Dating a Scandinavian woman

Women today are increasingly taking an active role when it comes to seeking relationships and being part of them.

In some parts of the world like the USA, ladies do not necessarily wait for a man to seduce them. They too go out there to seduce the men of their interest. However, this may not be the case among Scandinavian women.

Scandinavian women are not so easy going, especially before they can know you better. So, you may not find it easy to meet your match and begin a conversation in a train, train station, a mall or so.

Probably you can be lucky to get a Scandinavian lady who is find easygoing in night clubs or such social gatherings where everyone throws away their insecurities to mingle freely.

Walking along the streets of the major cities in Scandinavia, you may spot a pretty woman but it may not be so easy to approach them. They are always busy and on the move. It takes a daredevil to approach a Scandinavian woman out of the blues.

Even when you identify and get attracted to a Scandinavian woman, the best approach one may use is to first become friends, have a few dates (if you are lucky to get them accept it). It is after this that they slowly open up.

Perhaps the difficulty in approaching Scandinavian women explains the reason why most men in Scandinavia have taken to dating sites.

On dating sites, you hide your face behind the screen and do not take rejection personal. After all, if one lady rejects you, it’s a simple deal, move on and approach the next.

Once you have a relationship with a Scandinavian woman, be ready to take their sentiments. The women are very straight up when it comes to what they want and what they don’t. As a man, you are not going to manipulate or coerce a Scandinavian woman to do what you like. They will simply tell you off.

Marrying a Scandinavian woman

You have been charmed by this beautiful Scandinavian woman, dated for a while and now thinking of getting married. What does a marriage to a Scandinavian woman look like? A Bed of roses or something different?

Although this is not meant to scare anyone, the rates of couples living separately or divorced in Scandinavia is very high. While there is no one way to explain this reality, it may be as a result of both the man and woman struggling to lead the family.

Seriously dating a Scandinavian woman

The system established in most Scandinavian countries is such that women and children are highly protected.

In fact, if anything, being a man in Scandinavia may be problematic especially if you find yourself in trouble involving a child and woman.

To marry a Scandinavian woman, you must be ready to put up with their independence, tinge of feminism, sharing of chores and largely not being  fully in control of the family.

A Scandinavian woman will not simply accept to be controlled by you just because you are a man. Never!

If anything, the current generation of Scandinavian women prefer boyfriend-girlfriend relationships as opposed to marriage. The women do not love to be caged in a family set up. Instead, they would rather have their kids and a fling with a man living separately.

Getting children with a Scandinavian woman

There is a way that Scandinavian women are so much in control of their reproductive life. A woman will not simply get pregnant for you anyhow. They choose when to get pregnant and for whom-you gotta respect their decision because they are the ones who carry the pregnancy anyways.

Being loved by or having flings with a Scandinavian woman will not mean that they will have a kid for you.

The women in Scandinavia are very particular on whether you are having fun or are into something a little more serious. Even if it is serious, having kids is something that you two must first discuss.

It does not just follow that getting married to or dating a Scandinavian women will get you a kid. You have to agree the two of you. The many birth control methods available to women makes them more in control of their fertility than ever before.