The Scandinavian Cities…let’s get the journey started

Every Scandinavian have experienced it, while visiting a foreign country. Norway mistaken for the capitol of Denmark, in turn mistaken for the capitol of Sweden, and all three countries in turn mistaken for being an unified country.

Well, thats a long time ago anyway…. So lets get the story straight, and the facts on the table… What to do in Scandinavia?

First, what is this “Scandinavia“? It is a general term, describing Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Infamous for its variety. Spawning from snow-covered mountains to endless beaches. Green and quiet woods, to spurling cities with innovative, and prize-winning architecture. Not to mention the open-hearted, friendly and welcoming people that inhabit this, almost mythological, northernmost part of Europe.

The region have been a popular tourist-destination for a long time, and the numbers are growing. For example, according to the danish official tourist information: Denmark had 26,4 million visitors in 2012, and the most recent numbers shows a startling 44.6 million visitors. Almost a 100% increase, and 10 times their population!

So Why Travel to the Scandinavian Peninsula?

What about city-jumping trough the Norwegian fjords, with a cruise-liner? Or be a part of the cultural elite in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Watching the classics like Othello, or just enjoy a midday concert, at the Royal Opera House? Did you know that the danish capitol, Copenhagen, is just a half hour train-trip from Malmø, the third biggest city in Sweden? “Everybody” is bicycling in Copenhagen. It is very popular among tourists, to rent a bike for a day, and visit popular attractions like “Tivoli”( maybe not surprisingly,… a Tivoli). The island is also home to the iconic “little mermaid”, a world-famous bronze statue. Another ferry, and you’re almost in the capitol of Norway, Oslo. Some 1500 kilometers (and a lot of cities) later, you will find yourself at the North Cape. Europes most Northern point is Norways biggest attraction. Most notably for its large plateau, where you can get an unique view of a natural phenomenon, the midnight sun.

Yes, the variety is so vast, it would be difficult to squeeze it all into a few paragraphs. That is what scandinavia.life is all about. We want to be an useful and informative guide for the english-speaking traveller, roaming the Scandinavian heartlands. If you want to know what to do in Scandinavia? Fill out our contact form. We can give you offers on tour guides in Scandinavia.

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Ludvig is the owner and driving force behind Scandinavia.life. A native Norwegian with ties to Denmark, Sweden and Finland, he is the perfect guy to guide you through the delights of Scandinavia.

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