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Gothenburg 1-2-3 Expat Quick Guide

In this comprehensive yet compressed quick guide, you’ll learn the basics about Gothenburg, where to get housing and work.

First some fast facts

Situated on the West coast of Sweden is Gothenburg; a city which offers everyone great hospitality, grandeur and diversity in every sense.

Gothenburg which is now the third largest in Sweden has a long history tracing back to its founding by King Gustav II Adolf in 1621. Through a series of changes, the city has grown from being a fishing hub to a highly modern metropolis which attracts seasonal tourists.

In fact, the  manufacture of luxury car, Volvo, started in Gothenburg. Whether you are interested in just having a short visit or long stay in Gothenburg , it obviously has something worth your  thrill. The city is taunted as Sweden’s culinary capital with a wide array of  fine eateries for you to choose from.

With the influence of the Gulf Stream, typical temperatures over the city does not go below –3°C in February but can rise to an average of +21°C in July Summer. 

Check out our article on how to survive the Swedish winter.

Attractions in Gothenburg

There is almost a thousand and one reasons why Gothenburg is a must visit for anyone ready for fulfilling adventure. So many things ranging from historical attractions, modernity, culture, food and nature are all in unique offer for you. In fact, someone intending to experience the city for just a day will find reasons to stay longer. 

For someone loves art, once in the city Gothenburg Museum of Art is a place for you. The museum galleries are well lined with Nordic collections which date back centuries. You can also fulfil your desire to enjoy a collection of cuisine at Haga. 

The Gothenburg Archipelago

An excursion visit to the Gothenburg archipelago will be a worthwhile experience for you.

The archipelago gives you a picturesque view of fishing villages and cliffs. Wondering how you can get yourself to the archipelago and around Gothenburg? Then worry no more.

The waterways available in the city offers you the best chances of accessing virtually every location. You can easily resort to using any of the available means of water transport in the city including kayak, paddle-board, Ocean Bus or Paddan.

You can also use the Swedish Ship Götheborg which mimics the  East Indiaman that sank outside Gothenburg in the 1700s. 


For someone who just wants to experience the connection with the natural environment, exploring the Universeum rainforests will greatly accomplish this.

The universeum is home to a huge aquarium as well as various animals and plants. 

Skansen Kronan

It may also be interesting to take a picturesque view of Gothenburg city from Skansen Kronan.

The fortress which was built in the 1690s is situated in Haga and provides sight seers with a panoramic view of the city and its surrounding.

It has a history of use for various activities including prison, makeshift residence and museum. It is just the best point from which you can map the city of Gothenburg. 

Housing in Gothenburg City

Whether you come to Gothenburg city as a short term visitor or longer stay, there is always a suitable accommodation for you.

There is a range of hotels that will match your expectations depending on your preferences and budget in Gothenburg. They are well furnished with all necessary auxiliary services within reach.

You must be pretty quick to check out the available accommodation since renting an apartment in the entire Sweden is often more convoluted than in most Scandinavia countries.

It is your alertness which will help you in getting a good house fitted with the necessary equipment such as dishwasher, refrigerator, and heating system among other things. 

If on a long term stay in Gothenburg city, you are likely interested in identifying a housing that is strategically located close to public amenities such as bus stops, railway and shops.

The choice of housing will greatly determine your overall experience in the city. There are various housing websites which you can turn to and be sure to get an appropriate apartment.

Some of these sites include Bostaddirekt, ResidensportalenHousingtarget, Qasa and Findroommate. If you understand Danish then you can also check out accommodation offers at HyresbostadAndrahandBostadsdeal, and Hyralya.

Getting work in Gothenburg

To find a job in Gothenburg is not that difficult if you use the right tools. You can also check our very own job portal on this page.

Career Fields 

Gothenburg local economy largely relies on trade and maritime activities. The port of Gothenburg facilitates international trade and shipping supported by its location at the middle of Scandinavia.

The other areas you can easily find a job is in the automotive industry, hospitality and tourism, technology, banking and finance. Other jobs can be available in fields such as , information communication technology, health care and life sciences. 

Language Requirements 

You can typically find a job in Gothenburg as an English speaker. The only thing is that you must be able to use English fluently in writing and communication for ease at work.

Nonetheless, the job environment has so many Swedish speakers which mean you wil obviously get the challenge to learn the language. Again, some employers may be very clear that they prefer only Swedish speakers.

Learning Swedish is an important added advantage to get work but English is good  as an headstart. 

Job sites in Gothenburg

Diversifying your job search channels can be the greatest magic for you as an expat. You cannot rely on just one pathway to getting a job. Instead, combine networking, job sites, and print media to improve your chances of getting a job.

After all, if you have multiple offers at the same time, you will have a variety to choose from based on terms and conditions. After selecting your preferred one, you can easily decline the rest politely because you may still need the employer later.

Never be insensitive when declining job offers because your profile is kept by the respective employers to which you have submitted an application. 

You can also visit the Swedish Public Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) website or the local office which will offer you an advice and support on how to get a job in the city. 

Salary Scales in Gothenburg

Subject to the government regulations on wages, you will be told your expected salary on the contract. For long term jobs, it is important to have a contract with a clear indication on hourly rates and how many hours you need to work in a week.

Each job has a specific wage level as negotiated by employers and employee unions. Various factors such as rank, expertise and qualifications will determine your salary.

Nonetheless, you should expect a living wage of 16,000-25,000 SEK monthly for a job at the service or cleaning industry. professional jobs that require bachelors and masters qualifications will pay a monthly wage of up to 35,000 SEK. 

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