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The Weather in Odense

Weather is one of the key considerations before traveling to any new place. If you want to visit the third-largest city in Denmark, Odense, which is a literary wonderland and has many things to offer, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about its weather.


Depending upon the time of the year, Odense’s average temperature varies greatly. It feels cold for around half of the year. In the other half, it feels fairly pleasant with the chances of precipitation. The best time to visit this place is between 14th May to 23rd September when the temperature remains ideal. Moreover, the Odense experiences the highest temperature from June-August.

  • Average Highest Temperature During Day: 75.5°F/24.2°C
  • Average Highest Temperature During Night: 56°F/13.3°C

How does it Feels Like?

Higher temperature with high humidity feels a lot hotter than the actual temperature value. Moreover, lower temperature with higher winds feels a lot colder than the actual temperature value. That’s why knowing “feels like” temperature is important. Here’s a list of average temperatures in Odense by month.

  • Jan
    • Average High: 38°F/3.3°C
    • Average Mean: 34.7°F/1.5°C
    • Average Low: 31.1°F/-0.5°C
  • Feb
    • Average High: 39.2°F/4°C  
    • Average Mean: 35.4°F/1.9°C
    • Average Low: 31.9°F/-0.1°C
  • Mar
    • Average High: 44°F/6.7°C  
    • Average Mean: 37.9°F/3.3°C
    • Average Low: 32.3°F/0.2°C
  • Apr    
    • Average High: 53°F/11.7°C
    • Average Mean: 45.1°F/7.3°C
    • Average Low: 37.8°F/3.2°C
  • May
    • Average High: 61°F/16.1°C
    • Average Mean: 52.8°F/11.6°C
    • Average Low: 44.8°F/7.1°C
  • Jun
    • Average High: 64.7°F/18.2°C       
    • Average Mean: 56.7°F/13.7°C
    • Average Low: 48.6°F/9.2°C
  • Jul
    • Average High: 72.3°F/22.4°C       
    • Average Mean: 63.2°F/17.3°C
    • Average Low: 53.9°F/12.2°C
  • Aug
    • Average High: 71.1°F/21.7°C       
    • Average Mean: 62.6°F/17°C
    • Average Low: 54.4°F/12.4°C
  • Sep
    • Average High: 63°F/17.2°C
    • Average Mean: 56.3°F/13.5°C
    • Average Low: 50°F/10°C
  • Oct
    • Average High: 55.5°F/13.1°C       
    • Average Mean: 50.7°F/10.4°C
    • Average Low: 45.8°F/7.7°C
  • Nov
    • Average High: 47.6°F/8.7°C
    • Average Mean: 44.1°F/6.7°C
    • Average Low: 40.1°F/4.5°C
  • Dec
    • Average High: 42.7°F/5.9°C
    • Average Mean: 39°F/3.9°C
    • Average Low: 34.7°F/ 1.5°C


The months in which Odense experiences the least precipitation are February to April. On the other hand, there are high chances of precipitation in the first half of January. It rains or snow four days a week on average.

Wind and Humidity

The wind remains moderate throughout the year in Odense. However, December is the windiest month, with January and March in second and third places, respectively. The average speed of wind in January is about 11.4 miles per hour (18.4 kilometres per hour) or 9.9 knots. However, the month with maximum sustained winds in December. In mid-December, the average top sustained wind speed often reaches 16.4 knots.
The months with the above average and extreme humidity are November (87.2 percent Humidity) and April (67 Percent Humidity). Additionally, the humidity remains above average throughout the year.


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