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The concept of A-kasse explained

Like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark offers the best social security system which is sensitive to the needs of every resident. As someone working in Denmark, you will be qualified for the Danish Social regulations. One important part of this social security is the unemployment insurance fund; also known as A-Kasse. A-Kasse will make sure that even if you lose employment, your financial security is guaranteed. 

Is joining Danish Social Security a Must?

Nobody is forced to join unemployment insurance because it is a voluntary choice. While it is a choice that one has to make, the benefits from it is a pulling factor. Make no mistake, most workers in Denmark will always register and update their membership to the unemployment insurance fund. The risks of unemployment in a country where one needs to pay everything is real which makes A-kasse a must get for someone who minds about loss of income. 

If you are convinced of the need to get unemployment insurance, contact and join any of your preferred funds. A list of Danish unemployment is available at the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment. Much of the details about all the unemployment funds can be found from the Danske A-Kasser (Danish Unemployment Funds).

How to be qualified for Unemployment Benefits

Not everyone working and living in Denmark is automatically qualified for unemployment benefits. You must first meet the minimum requirements including being covered by the Danish rules on social security. Check if you qualify for coverage by the Danish social security rules. 

You must apply for unemployment benefits as soon as you become unemployed. It is always your personal responsibility to tell the unemployment authority that at the moment, you don’t have a job.

Process of getting Unemployment benefits  in Denmark  

Apply for unemployment benefits as soon as you become unemployed. First and foremost, register as a job seeker at the job centre on the first day of unemployment. Second, use your login details to the A-Kasse online self-service and complete the form called “ledighedserklæring.”

After filling out the document,  send it to the A-kasse. By completing these two preliminary steps, you are surely on the right path towards receiving “dagpenge”.

Within a few days, you will get a response from A-Kasse about your application. Typically, the answer can either be acceptance or need for more clarifications. The validity period of your unemployment benefits application will start from the time when you registered at jobnet.dk as being unemployed. 

A username and password will be given to you as to access your “min side” at jobnet.dk.  If you do the registration yourself, you will obviously generate the login information .On the other hand,  if the job centre registers you, the  username and password will be sent to your e-Boks.

Subsequently, it is important that you upload your updated CV to your “min side” at jobnet.dk. again, confirm that you are actively seeking a job, register your search for jobs on job log. 

Important Conditions to Benefit from Unemployment Fund in Denmark.

For you to qualify for unemployment benefits in Denmark, you must have been duly registered with the unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) for a period not less than one year.  You must also be able to start a new employment even with a day’s notice

Therefore, as soon as you lose your current job, you must still meet the requirements to work in Denmark. As a foreigner, it is important to ensure that your documents are still valid after losing the current job. 

Your total income for the past three years should not be less than kr. 238,512 (2020) if you have a full time unemployment insurance cover. 

Special Requirements for A-Kasse

The at least kr. 238,512 required to qualify for a full A-Kasse cover is only counted for the amount  earned during the period in which the insurance can be included. 

Irrespective of the amount you used to earn in the immediate last job, A-Kasse cover will only pay you a maximum of kr. 19,876 per month (As of January 1, 2020) during the period of unemployment.

A-Kasse Regulations for graduates

Fresh graduates can use their degree to qualify as employment or income. Every one month sepnt in the education system is equivalent to a one month income required by A-kasse which is kr. 19,876.

Unemployment Insurance Calculations. 

In 2020, the maximum monthly payout for unemployment insurance of fully insured members is kr. 19,083. The calculations are based on the member’s best 12 months and with incomes that fall within the previous 24 months.

The general rule, a member of the A-kasse qualifies for unemployment benefits of up to two years total within a  three year period. 

Payout of Unemployment Benefits 

The money for unemployment insurance is paid per calendar month. It is granted for up to 160.33 hours a month. Since 2017, a registered member can extend the period of getting benefits from A-kasse by up to three years. To be eligible for such an extension, one has to work since everyone’s hour of work earns the member two hours more benefits at the end. A-kasse continuously monitors the members’ working hours in the employment Beskæftigelsekontoen.

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