Gothenburg-The City by The Sea


Sweden’s second largest city and known for being the home to Liseberg, The Göta Canal, and a lot of fun, but it is also an oasis of shopping, trendy bars and even a dedicated Volvo museum.

The city lies on both sides of the Göta Coastal Mouth, and has roots back to the 1600s. It is not so big, although it feels that way, and is perfect for both short and long stays, whether alone or in groups. You can eat delicious food, shop your wallet empty on designer clothes or walk around in wonderful surroundings.

There is enough opportunities to dress up from head to toe, to be trendy and raw. Once you’ve done that, you should find you something to eat. Possibilities for dining in the town is great. Another culinary and visual experience is Saluhallen, Göteborgs indoor food market. Here it is bursting of succulent cheeses, meat products and much, much more.

The nightlife here is also excellent, less noble than Stockholm, and Liseberg, one of Northern Europe’s finest amusement parks.

Gothenburg Archipelago

A whole series of enjoyable things to do both in winter and summer. The archipelago is one of the sights that you should get with you when you are here. It is beautiful in any season, but as we know there is certainly something special about the archipelago in the summer.

The coastal scenery is breathtaking with islands, islets and rocks in countless forms and varieties. It is a popular coastal area for people from all over Europe, recognized and well utilized. If you do not have a boat yourself, one of the many sightseeing boats is a good bet.

The channels which also stems from the 1600s extends in length and width, making a tour of the city special and full of joy. Parks scattered everywhere wit possibilities of picnics or sports activity. The avenue located along the river is full of cafes and shops for those who like to spend time in this way instead.

Gothenburg Art Museum

The Volvo Museum is already mentioned, but another museum that certainly also should be experienced is the Gothenburg Art Museum. A recognized museum, which is the world’s foremost museum of Nordic art, and a great place to let yourself be seduced by artistic visions. The Old Town is also a must. The buildings are well preserved and there are many good shops of different kinds here.

Bus, Train and Airport. There are often opportunities to relatively inexpensive airfare. Within the city are bikes and walking a good choice. Hotels, apartments and campsites offered are to different rates, so the possibilities are many.

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