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Aarhus – The World’s Smallest Big City

Aarhus City

The world’s smallest big city, Aarhus, in Denmark, is a vibrant place with Danish charm, beautiful surroundings and sausages. Vikings certainly did something right when they founded this city.

With around 330,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city. Housing around 40,000 students, it is also a young and vibrant city. It mixes this with the old traditional buildings, ice cream, amusement, and free-spirits. You have the reason why the city is so popular among tourists.

It’s a taste of all of Denmark, in one city! Especially in the old city, where they have buildings and houses from around 20 other cities. It is a living folk museum, where staff wandering around in clothes from the different eras, and where one can find hidden cafe delights in buildings decorated like homes. It is a surreal feeling to trudge around here, and you get a nice insight into the Danish history and way of life. Especially beautiful it is at Christmas when it is adorned with glittering ornaments, and the cobblestone streets are illuminated.

Shopping and Cafe

But Århus is more than the old city. It is also the new city, and here is dotted with shopping boutiques, cafes, restaurants and other pleasures that one can easily take part in. The main street Ryesgade / Søndergade, extends transversely through the trading center. Here also lies the small and the large square that is amazingly picturesque. The river that stretches through the city is also a lovely place to be. It is the place for both locals and tourists. By Åboulevarden located at Sidna you find restaurants and cafes for refreshing breaks.

Are you here you should also shop in one of the local designer shops. There are chances to come home with something special in your luggage. Aarhus is also loved by artists, and has a bohemian rhythm over themselves while being vibrant. Special, in other words. You should visit ARoS, which is the art museum, Danish poster museum and the Women’s Museum, which deals with women’s culture and history.


Aarhus Airport is not far away from town.. From the airport into the center is easy to get public transport. It also opportunities to take the ferry to Denmark and use car for the rest .Inside the city there is good opportunities for walking and biking through the streets.


There are many hotels and apartments here, with different stars and prices. A little on the outside there are also opportunities for vacation, which may be less expensive you have a group over three traveling. Spend some time and find the best option for you.

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