Aalborg – The Gem of Denmark

The Cultural and tourist gem, Aalborg city that is located ahead of the  Lim fjord in North Jutland has become an icon of Denmark, with its charm and attractiveness it is drawing increasing number of visitors.

From the days when city was founded by Vikings, Aalborg have developed into a bustling market town. It is today with its 203,000 inhabitants the fourth largest city in Denmark. It is located right in the Danes’ own preferred holiday region, sunny northern Jutland. Aalborg embraces the famous Limfjord, making it a town by the sea although in a way it is placed right inside the mainland. The place has a lot to offer, but it seems as if the locals is most proud to be called a cultural city.


Every year, in the month of May Northern Europe’s largest carnival is held in Aalborg. 40,000 costumed people wander through the streets and mark themselves with games and dancing. Later in the year, in August, one can have fun in a yearly musical arrangement called Blue Festival. Are you a jazz or blues enthusiast you must explore festivity. Otherwise Aalborg is known for its many theatres, such as the Virgin Ane Theatre, Aalborg Theatre, and Jako-Bole Theatre.

The Secret Theatre, which is the city’s experimental scene for young talents, is also becoming increasingly popular. Aalborg offers an opera festival, several major music events and concerts under the open sky. North Jutland Art Museum and Aalborg Historical Museum are also well worth visiting. One can in many ways say that Aalborg clearly stands out as a compelling cultural city.

For Children

The city has also gained a good reputation in terms of activities for the younger ones. First and most are the Aalborg Zoo, which with its 200 animal species from around the world is an exciting place to spend time. Visitors can head to Tivoli Village, which also has a lot to offer. Here you find swinging rides and crash cars. Come to Aalborg on a hot summer day, it might tempt with a dip in the swimming Land in Nørresundby. Here you’ll find a pool, a solarium, and they even offer water aerobics. The city’s marine Museum is also becoming popular among the younger ones. Here they can go aboard a real submarine and operate the periscope on their own.

Inside The City

Once you come out of the train and the Central Station in the centre of Aalborg, you know you have come to a city with soul. It is not far to walk into the shopping centre and pedestrian streets. Here you find endless rows of typically Danish buildings with Danish flags hanging over the entrance. Bakeries and small cozy cafes is seen everywhere, and every street corner holds a sausage parlour.

You cannot leave the city without visiting the Virgin Ane Gade, Denmark’s longest continuous restaurant, café and inns street. Pubs and bars are also abundant, and if one feels especially lucky, you can always try your luck at a casino. All in all, the city has a lot to offer for anyone and everyone, and that 100 of thousands overnight tourists every year in Aalborg says something about how popular the place is. In Denmark, it is only Copenhagen that draws more international tourists.

It is easy to get to Aalborg as the city has its own airport 6.5 km from the centre and it is easy to travel around the city by bus, on foot or by bike.

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