Copenhagen – The Green City

Lying on the Denmark coat that overlooks Sweden, the city of Copenhagen is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in all of Scandinavia. Copenhagen City is over 1,000 years old and has been the capital of Denmark for more than half that period. Its proximity to many terrific sites in Denmark and its ease of access from Sweden makes it a desirable place to visit to travelers in both of those countries. From natural and historic wonders to shopping and breweries, Copenhagen City has a little bit of everything to offer tourists.


København, Copenhagen City
København, Copenhagen City

Anybody who wants to take a look at the Copenhagen City’s scenery, view local shops and fisheries, or just get a feel for the local color should take a walk down Nyhavn. Also known as New Harbor, Nyhavn is a unique-looking neighborhood with brightly colored buildings that provide a fascinating skyline. It is home to a long canal that has a lot of small-vessel traffic, including boats that tourists can take to get a look at Copenhagen City from the water. Nyhavn has a rich history that can be explored, including old-fashioned drinking halls, lots of local sailors, and historical buildings like the home of acclaimed Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Nyhavn is a great place to spend a few hours or even a day, as it provides something for everyone.

Rosenborg Castle

One of the grandest and most intricately designed castles in all of Scandinavia, Rosenborg Castle was built in the 17th century and now stands as of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen City. This grand castle was designed as a royal getaway and has several attractions and royal displays including the Danish crown jewels. If you arrive at the middle of the day, you can witness the changing of the guards. You don’t have to be interested in the history of the region to enjoy this site – there are plenty of lavish displays and unique experiences to be witnessed regardless of where your interests normally lie. Audio guides are available to walk you through each room as you visit the area.

Copenhagen, Rosenborg Castle and the Kings

Fairy Tale Tours

Copenhagen City is a land of fairy tales, with many of the most classic stories in history deriving from this area. While there are many different walking tours available, perhaps the most popular is the “Fairy Tale” tour, which allows you to explore the fictional roots of the city and look at how they connect to the real world. The tours are open to people of all ages and don’t specifically cater to one specific demographic, so you should be able to have a great time no matter how old or young you are. This is an excellent choice for families, as it gives both kids and adults something to do that will provide hours of entertainment and leave them with stories to share about the things they did together. (read more on their webpage)

København, Copenhagen


One of the things that Denmark in general and Copenhagen City specifically is known for is fine antique art and furniture. For those who want to make sure they bring back something along these lines in their trips through Copenhagen City, there is Bredgade. This is a massive street that runs right near the royal palace and provides shopping of all sorts, specifically when it comes to art, furniture, and antiques. Classic pieces such as the works of Arne Jacobsen are available here along with much more. Many people make it their mission to pick up excellent works of art during their visit to this city, and by stopping by Bredgade you can make sure that this goal gets accomplished several times over.

Norrebro Brewhouse

No trip to Copenhagen City would be complete without a journey to at least one brewery to enjoy one of the things that the city does the best. The Norrebro Brewhouse is a microbrewery that offers as many as 10 different beers a day. The lineup is always changing, so you can come back a few days later and get a whole new collection of tastes. The ownership of the brewhouse has won awards for their excellent creations, which means that you will be getting one of the best-tasting brews offered in Copenhagen City. This is a historic building and the first CO2-neutral brewery in Copenhagen City, making it one of the world’s cleanest and greenest breweries. (read more here)

norrebro bryghus copenhagen city
norrebro bryghus copenhagen city

Restaurant Krebsegaarden

Copenhagen City is home to dining experiences both large and small, but one of the most intimate restaurants available is the Restaurant Krebsegaarden. This small restaurant provides amazing food and an atmosphere that can allow you to relax with your family even during the hustle and bustle of a major vacation. The quiet surroundings allow the wait staff to take the time to explain each dish in detail, so you know exactly what you are getting with each and every dish. Each meal has the option of being accompanied not only by fine wine but by a cheese platter that contains more than a dozen different cheeses. This is a terrific place to go when you want to give your palate something very special.

The Elephant House, Copenhagen Zoo
The Elephant House, Copenhagen Zoo

Other Tourism Advice

If you plan to do a lot of moving around in Copenhagen City, you might want to consider bringing a bicycle or renting one during your vacation. Biking is a favorite way of getting around the city, and Copenhagen City has many bike paths and biker-friendly areas. At the same time, you should make sure that you are aware of the traffic around you at all times, even if you choose to stay on foot. A lot of the Danish people love to zoom around fast on their bikes, and this can cause a few collisions, especially when tourists aren’t used to the speed.

Copenhagen City is a gateway not only to Denmark but also to Norway due to its proximity to that country. It is one of the most historical and interesting cities in Scandinavia and definitely a place that travelers should prioritize when they come to the area. While the attractions listed above are among the most popular in the region, there is even more to explore.
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