Buying a Used Car in Denmark

Driving is a common thing in Denmark which may be a surprise to many people arriving in the country. In Denmark, teenagers can start driving lessons at the age of 17 years but get a driving license only at 18 years. This being the case, a foreigner in Denmark can quickly think of ways to swap their foreign driver’s license to a Danish one, buy a car and start cruising through the well maintained Danish highways. 

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Those who have lived in Denmark will confess that having a private car is a good thing. The Public transport in the Denmark is well organized but the schedule not always favourable. Apart from the major cities that may have buses or trains plying the route one after the other, the people in smaller cities have to put up with long waiting times. In  fact, some buses stop operations at 2000hHrs which may be inconvenient for late travellers or those taking evening and late night work shifts. 

While in other countries people may buy cars for show off and luxury, in Denmark, car ownership is something common. So make no mistake, if you move to Denmark and wish to have a less stressful life, buying a used car is always a good option as the prices of new ones right from the manufacturers can be over the roof. You can’t fathom buying a brand new car for between 100,000 DKK. ($17,400) and 500,000 DKK ($86,900) on a 20,000 DKK monthly salary. 

When it comes to car ownership in Denmark, buying used cars helps to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, you can get a car within a lean budget and two, you get a means to move around conveniently without asking for a lift every other time. Ooh, just to mention as well, your  bank in Denmark can always  give you a reasonable loan to buy a used car without too much overload on the payslip. 

First Impressions when arriving in Denmark 

Culture shock when it comes to moving to a new country and purchasing a vehicle are in most cases normal. While the procedure for buying a car might be similar to your country, the prices will definitely be different. In Denmark for instance, buying a new car is very expensive thanks to its high registration costs. Hence, buying a used car seems like the best option when you are looking to save costs after moving. In Denmark, car ownership can be tedious and time consuming if you are not adequately prepared for it.  

Without much information, foreigners from countries where car ownership is largely by the rich may fear asking to own even used cars in Denmark. The reality is that someone earning an average salary in Denmark can still buy a used car and maintain it without spending an arm and a leg. In reality, one only needs to have a will for owning a car and a valid driver’s license. In fact, you can buy a car even if you don’t have a driver’s license yet. It’s just that simple. 

Things to watch out for when buying a used car in Denmark 

You can buy a used car in Denmark from either a dealership or an individual private seller. While it will save you a few bucks, it could also present several challenges should it turn out that the car you buy has too many faults and malfunction. Buying from a dealership is most preferable to private sellers because there is more guarantee. The private people selling their cars in Denmark will ask for a lower price than dealers but then after the deal is completed, you basically have no one to run to even if the car malfunctions. You may end up selling the car at premium scrap price just shortly after buying from private individuals.   

It would be good that starters buy used cars from dealers unless they know a possible private seller who will be honest with you about the car.  Dealers  provide no guarantees or warranties that come with buying a new car. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take certain measures to prevent scammers or cheats. 

First, ensure that the car is safe and hasn’t experienced any major issues from the past. This can be done through different ways including investigating the car registration for past reports. Similarly, you can choose to have it inspected by the Danish Transit Authority. Checking the car’s inspection reports will provide enough information on it such as; 

  • Whether or not it’s stolen 
  • Registration number
  • When it was last inspected
  • Taxes

Buy used car from Car Dealers in Denmark

Further, buying a car from a dealership is way better than from an individual since it gives you more legal rights. For instance, once you buy a car from an individual, it could be difficult to deal with any issues that might arise in future. However, if you are well versed with information about cars, it wouldn’t be so bad to deal with an individual. 

Moreover, it is essential to check the odometer indicator before buying a used car. The Danish Trafikstyrelsen allows an individual to check the indicator against service book and bilsyn reports.  The report will help you ensure the reading is accurate and not rolled back. For instance, in a case where the reading is low but the car looks older, this would be a very necessary step. 

Ensure that the car you are about to buy underwent regular service to avoid extra costs in future. You can achieve this by inspecting the car’s service handbook. Also, just like buying second-hand clothes or shoes, you must check carefully if there is any damage. If you have driven a car before then you know how important the engine compartment is. Hence, check it to see if there were any replacements including brake fluid and oil alterations. 

Payment options when buying a used car in Denmark

When it gets to the point of making a final payment to complete the car purchase, use the correct method. Th appropriate payment option should be one with a proof of transaction. Although some people may ask you to pay for the car in cash, be smart and use traceable electronic payment options available to the public in Denmark. Do not shy away from the options for Money Transfer in Denmark because they are fast, safe and convenient for both individuals and businesses. 

So, don’t pay for your used car using cash. The safest way to pay for something as expensive as a car is through bank transfers. Electronic bank transfers provide a trail and clear evidence that you paid for the car. However, be careful not to send money to banks that are not in Denmark. 

Its good to avoid ugly cases when it turns out that a the person whose name appear as registered for the car isn’t actually the one selling. Therefore, it is always critical to double check the registration slip to ensure that they match. Also, immediately after buying the car, make sure you transfer its registration to your name as soon as possible. Lastly, ask the seller to provide all the car keys which in most cases is two. Some people may prefer to make new keys for their car.