Quick steps to getting a job as an immigrant

Almost everyone has this nudge to move to a new place, set up life, and achieve a lot of dreams there. Needless to say, it is natural for any human wanting to have new experiences, explore the world and challenge oneself.

People who have successfully immigrated and established a home in new countries will confess that immigration is just the easy part of it. It is not getting the visa and residence permit that may be an uphill task. The real challenge begins when now you are in this foreign land and need to get a job to keep you going.

one thing about being an expatriate is that it takes sometime to learn the new environment, make contacts and get life moving again. But amidst the confusion you have to move with speed and touch base with new friends who will most likely introduce you to the local job market.

everything and everyone looks strange yet life has to go on.

Amidst this confusion and awkward feeling is the need to get a job. With your own income and a reliable job, life begins to be more tolerable. But the million-dollar question is how then do you land your first job in a new country?

1.     Be more active during the month of Summer when most employees take a vacation

In most of Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia, taking an annual holiday is part of the employment agreement. After a long period of toil and sweat, employees are always given up to a month (more or less) to go on holiday.

During the holiday season, most companies fall below their required human resource yet they have to keep their production stable. It is here that you need to actively send out applications and C.V. For sure, this is mostly the Summer season and employers are very desperate.

You may start off as a substitute for someone going out on vacation. But remember, once you get the first employer, it will be easier to land many more opportunities. As a foreign worker, the first employer may retain you if you are a performer or act as a referee for another job elsewhere.

2.     Structure your C.V for a broader job market

In most cases, structuring your C.V will possibly crack everything out. Most people fall victim to limiting their resume to two, three, or four job areas. It is good to be a specialist, yes. However, in a new country, all you need is to gain a first entry into the labor market from where things will begin to roll.

As for advice, the resume should be kept general or if you have already had an idea about which specific position is vacant, edit it to match. A well-tailored resume will work well if already you know detail about the job, but a general one will expose you to more employers. A general resume will be more fit if you fill in a job search with a bureau where different employers come picking the candidates.

3.     Do not discriminate jobs as an immigrant

As an immigrant intending to get a job in a new country, ambitions may be raging high and expect to get that dream job sooner. However, this may not work so easily. Know it well that you are starting life all from scratch.

It is true that you could be immigrating with a lot of job skills and experience to cope with new employment challenges. You deserve to start employment in a plum position at a lucrative firm. But it may just be a wish that it happens that way. An intelligent immigrant seeking job will tend ambitions with care; take the low-hanging jobs as you move along.

4.     Talk out and make new friends

As a foreigner, maybe you don’t already know how to speak the local language. Without this language ability, locals may tend to shy away and it could be so challenging to get along. So, be more expressive, outgoing, and ready to mingle without shying off whatsoever.

It will pay off for you to be less assuming, more curious, and highly accommodative. After all, it is you who needs to adjust so as to fit in. At the slightest opportunity, try and create a rapport with people around you. If possible, let them know that you are a newcomer looking for a job. Maybe through such random contacts, someone will just mention to you a company that easily takes in foreigners.

5.     Visit the public job centre and sign up as a job-seeker

In most of the developed countries, there are well-established job centres where unemployed people can always sign up for any possible opportunities. Employers go to them or send them opportunities which they may just find you as an ideal candidate.

Once you have registered with the local job centre, they will likely send you regular notifications on job openings which you can either accept or reject depending on your preferences.  Anyways, because the personnel at the job centre will have your bio with them, they will likely send job opportunities that they believe suit you.

6.    Sign up to several job websites at ago

Once you set out to get a job as an immigrant, all you need is to cast your net as wide as possible. It is genius to look for any possible chances of getting noticed by the employers out there in the market.

You realize that the employers will not come to you as they have so many candidates already. So it is you as a person to take the individual effort to go to them, charm, and get noticed. Today, professional, semi-professional, skilled, unskilled employments find their way to job sites.

When you sign up as a job seeker in many sites, just make sure to activate the send notifications of job openings and also provide your up-to-date contact information. The job sites will automatically send you alerts as soon as any relevant jobs come up.

You now have your first job as an immigrant

Once you follow through with the above-listed steps and successfully secured your first job, shift your attention to learning the labor market. Do not be in such a rush to hop and jump from one job to the next. Make the employer realize your ability, be diligent and productive.

When you work professionally and deliver, the employer will accept to be a referee as you seek new jobs. As much as they may be hurt that you are leaving them, it won’t be possible to hold back on helping you grow.

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