Tromsø Expat Quick Guide

Norway is probably one of the most attractive destinations in Scandinavia due to its extremely wonderful landscapes, fjords and ice capped mountains. It is breathtaking to witness the magnificence of nature in this far West European country. Tromsø is one of the cities in Norway that hosts some of the treasures some of which date back to millennia. You defnietely want to take som pictures for your photo album (or fotoalbum as it is in Norwegian), because the surrooundings are like nowhere else.

Tromsø lies North of Norway on two islands of Troms (Tromsøy) and Kval (Kvaløy). The town dates back to 1250 after which it changed to be a major trade centre in the Arctic. It served as the base where various expeditions were set.

The town also serves as a major Arctic fishery. When in the town, it will not be surprising to have personal experience with the sealing and shipping facilities, and local industry that deals mainly with storing and processing fish.

A significant historical fact about the status of Tromsø is that it briefly served as the  center of  Norwegian Government in the Second World War before Norway fell to the German occupation.

Temperature in Tromsø

The location of Tromsø to the North of the Arctic Circle just means it experiences extreme temperature conditions. The sun is visible over the town beginning the end of May to late July. An interesting occurrence in Tromsø is the polar night which is associated with so many incidents of suicide.

The polar night occurs between November and January. During these months, the sun does not rise at all which stresses the people out making them resort to self-harm. The polar night and yearly circle is repetitive which means that anyone planning to live in the town must be prepared to juggle life within such extremities. Again, Tromsø experiences the “midnight sun” in the summer months. 

Studying in Tromsø

While it is true that  Tromsø has just so much to offer in terms of natural features to admire, it is also a great academic hub.  The University of Tromsø which has a status as the northernmost higher deduction institution in Norway offers various courses to qualifying students from Norway and across the globe. The university was founded in 1969 which is a testament to its high ranking as a center of excellence. 

The Ambience of Nature in Tromsø

Tromsø is not any ordinary town you will want to dismiss when in Norway. Its fjords and mountain ranges stretch human imagination to the extremes. From the low lying fjords to the high towering mountains, you immediately get to appreciate the endearing force of nature. To say the least, the landscape in Tromsø is magical. The Northern lights sparkle across the sky.

The enchanting fishing villages in the city will also make you understand what the town’s proximity to the arctic is something they endear. The fragrant botanical gardens and crystalline waterfalls add to the enchanting experiences that the town offers to those who love adventures. 

Culture and Entertainment in Tromsø

Even though Tromsø is known for its extreme weather conditions, this does not deny the people a chance to experience something that they greatly cherish, culture. As anyone will agree, culture is what defines any society, so are the people in Tromsø.

As part of the culture, music stands out in Tromsø. Tromsø is known for techno and electronic music, which adds some thumping thunder to the city. This music extravaganza occurs once a year during the annual Insomnia Festival to cheer the people up.

Architectural Buildings in Tromsø

One recognizable landmark building in Tromsø is the Arctic Cathedral built in 1965. The construction of the building was inspired by nature as is evidenced by its definitive 11 triangles that suggest glacial crevasses and auroral curtains, as well as an impressive, modernistic stained-glass window. 

Working In Tromsø 

The unemployment in Tromsø is very low at less than 2%. This means that at any one time, there is a possibility to find an opportunity for work in various sectors within the town. It would be a great advantage to have knowledge of Norwegian language because getting a job is easy. The service sector is currently thriving. Even the other sectors require constant communication which means that having some level of competence in Norwegian is good to start with. 

The service sector is booming in Tromsø with locals as well as international visitors requiring hotels, cafes, shopping centres and restaurants. The first factories are also great employers. So many immigrants from Lithuania, Poland and Russia work in the fish industry. 

As a starting point, you may need to make as many contacts as possible and draft a compelling c.v which sells your abilities to all the potential employers. 

Cost of Living in Tromsø

Just like in the rest of Norway, employers do all that is possible to offer their employees a living wage. In the town, an absolute minimum of like 6000 NOK should be enough to sail you through a budget month. Much of this money is likely to go to the rent approximately 4000  NOK a month.