Free time in Denmark

Free Time for a Student in Denmark

Being a student in Denmark whether on a scholarship or not means life is largely cut out; in most cases, the spare time out of the lecture halls is the period to make critical choices that determine the next phase of life after completion of studies. It also makes one interact with Danes in different settings including clubs, restaurants, and in their workplaces.

Chilling out with friends and Partying

For a fact, students in Denmark like taking days out, partying, drinking, and attending clubs. For most European and some international students, free time is for relaxation or just having a good time with friends. However, for an international student like me who lacked reliable finances, I could not afford to waste my free time.

Making money During Time Off Lecture

I did not have enough money for luxury hence free time was my opportunity to make some money. A student with knowledge in the tech can connect with tech hubs around Denmark for some gig during free time.

Students engaging in Techn space as part of productively using their free time

My Student Job in Denmark

Getting a part-time student job is what an international student who really wants to make ends meet should take. With an eye in the Danish labor market and the need for some extra funds, it is a must to get a student job. The jobs are varied but mostly casual.

At first, the nature of part-time jobs in Denmark can surprise an international student. I expected to get a better job as a masters student which was not forthcoming. After talking to a few friends, I realized that I had to avoid focusing only on white-collar jobs. I got a student job as a cleaner; yes, you got it right- a cleaner. It will surprise you that a master’s student has opted to become a cleaner

Office and industry cleaning are Typical student Jobs in Denmark

No discrimination of Jobs

Let me sensitize you a bit, cleaning in Denmark is regarded highly just like any other job. The hourly rates are even better than some other jobs which may be thought of as being lucrative.  Something lucrative about cleaning, dishwashing, and restaurant attendant jobs in Denmark is that they do not necessarily require you to know Danish. Again, the jobs are very much flexible, done very early in the morning or evening after studies. This means that I could easily fit my time and still not miss out on the studies.

Transportation for a student in Denmark

Whether you need to travel over long distances to the University or to a part-time workplace, you will need to rely on the available means of public transport. For me, I badly relied on public transport since my sister’s residence was almost two hours by train to the university. This means that every morning when I had a class, I rose up early, quickly prepare, and rush to the train schedule.

Actually, I needed to check the train schedule in advance a night before just so to be sure not to miss the train. Something interesting about the public transport system in Denmark and the entire Scandinavia is that it is timed and predictable. This means that I could effectively budget with my time. With this mobility system, I could precisely tell when the bus or train will come to the station or bus stop and when to arrive at my destination.

Train Transport in Denmark

Subsidized Travel Card (ungdomskort)

As a student, I qualified for the subsidized youth card called ungdomskort. This subsidized ticket is available for anyone who is registered in an educational institution. I realized that it is a way that the Danish government intervenes to make learning more accessible to all.

Benefits of the ungdomskort

Ungdomskort allowed a subscription to travel the route from my residence to the university and a few other regions. For a student, it only costs a quarter of the normal ticket price. With the card App, the train ticket controllers and bus drivers would allow me to ride to and from school. Nonetheless, it is hectic to live away from school, especially if it is the first time in Denmark. The pressure is just too much to bear. I had to wake up as early as 4 am, travel the entire distance, attend class, and set off.

Precautions about relying on Public Transport as a Student

The seamlessness and timeliness of the public transport system should not deceive a foreign student. It is not a good thing to reside so far away from the university. a slight change in train plans will affect your whole day’s schedule.

Difficulty Commuting as a Student

Commuting daily as a student is good on one side but also disadvantagious. on the good side, it allowed me to move around and see Denmark. However, it was just too straining to move up and about. It even denied me time to socialize with colleague students. As soon as the class is over, I rushed for the next train with no time to even socialize.

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