Skagen Expat Quick Guide

Skagen city is located on the northern part of Denmark where the Baltic and North seas meet. Actually Skagen is not a municipality city but rather falls under the Frederikshavn Municipality in Nordjylland. It is 41 kilometres  North of Frederikshavn and 108 kilometres northeast of Aalborg.

Skagen City has a rich cultural heritage defined by its characteristic yellow houses, museum galleries filled with artwork from some of the famous painters, and a bustling resident population. In Skagen, you will find fresh seafood and a lot of people who come just to pay homage to this picturesque city in the northernmost part of Jutland. Whether living in or visiting Skagen City, you will be awed by its feel good as well as unique nature and white sand beaches. Skagen is located on the east coast and the rest of the city called GI Skagen is located next to the North Sea. 

Attractions in Skagen 

In Skagen, you can actually get a cocktail of attractions ranging from the artwork in the museum, events, and cultural activities. The teddy-bear display at Skagen’s Bamsemuseum, home of the famous Skagen paintings, Skagen’s MuseumAnchers house and Drachmanns house all provide attractions which will likely satisfy your sense of adventure. Again if you want to have a visual evidence of mother nature at work then go up to Grenen which is actually the northernmost tip of Denmark. Here, you will see how the waves of the Baltic sea meet those of the north sea thus creating some combined influence on the sandy beach. Some other attractions which will jolt you are Råbjerg Mile, Denmark’s answer of the Sahara in Africa and the sand-buried church (in Danish: Den Tilsandede Kirke). These are all  evidence of nature at work.  

Housing in Skagen

In Skagen, you will not experience as much competition for housing as in other busier and more populated cities such as Copenhagen or Aarhus but obviously you have to make proper arrangements to get one. There are all kinds of houses in the city which include houses, rooms, student housing etc. for rent or sale . Maybe you have enough finances and qualifies to buy housing properties  in Skagen. Actually, Skagen housing got you covered with its owner-occupied apartments, cooperative housing and houses. You can get an accommodation in Skagen from any of these verified websites. 

Education in Skagen

Like the rest of Denmark, you can easily access learning institutions within and around Skagen. Some of the best colleges and universities near Skagen at which you can actually register are;

Working in Skagen

The jobs in Skagen are not as many as in other bigger cities but at least you cannot miss something to try your hands in. There are various types of jobs in the maritime, art, hotel and general hospitality. You can find a job that fits your expertise in various job portals. 


Shopping in Skagen 

In Skagen you have a variety of outlets for anything you may need. You have access to furniture, food and drinks of your choice. You can walk into any of the shops and buy whatever it is that you need. 

The house Holst- Here, your will be pleased to get the best quality and design products for your home, garden and crafts.

Free Bikeshop Skagen-here you find a reliable dealer in the best bikes in Denmark’s northernmost part. 

SuperBrugsen Skagen-the store is located right in the middle of the pedestrian zone. It is well stocked with fresh meat , fresh fruit and virtually all the shop items you may need.

Shop SkagenThe business with a large selection of gift items and other souvenirs from Skagen.