Common mistakes when applying to study in Scandinavia

Getting an opportunity to take higher education in Scandinavia is by no way a mean feat. For anyone who understands what quality education complete with experiential learning, experimentations, immersive teaching, and connection with faculty, Scandinavia ranks so high up there. Today, almost every new graduate in a middle-income or developing country has this nagging longing … Read more

Life After completing Studies as a Foreigner

It is one thing to settle on a tour of study in a foreign country and another thing to make end-of-studies decisions. In most cases, the initial period of stay in a new place can be so harrowing, strange, and uncomfortable to say the least. In fact, most students would feel the urge to abandon … Read more

Starting Study Life

Starting study life

As an international student coming to Denmark, I regretted having ignored the gesture by the university to help me on the first day at the campus. Indeed, the university had been clear in the introductory communication sent to me when still in Kenya. They emphasized that I communicate with them in advance so that they … Read more

First Experiences Arriving in Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

I am not quite sure what your feelings are on the first day traveling to a new destination. Mine was a mixture of excitement, worry, anxiety, apprehension, and a general emotional rush. Honestly, I was not quite myself throughout the journey. A Dream Come True I got in touch with the reality that the time … Read more