Working in Sweden

Working in Sweden is a great milestone in the life of an expatriate. This is not because it assures someone of automatic success but provides an environment for workers to thrive. The level of motivation and labor protections for people working in Sweden is top notch. So, you who feels like your current employer does not live-up-to motivating your exemplary efforts, maybe moving out to work in Sweden is a good idea.

Sweden is probably one of the Scandinavian countries that open its door to so many professional immigrants and workers. The country recognises the great role that immigrant population play in keeping its industrial and service sectors booming. 

Teamwork and team spirit is part of the Swedish workforce DNA

Sitting somewhere wondering whether Sweden can be a place for you to work? Be assured that there are so many internationals just like you who are already working and enjoying the progressive labour environment there. When you move to start working in Sweden on international deployments or local jobs, you soon get to interact with people from all over the world whose inspiration is to grow their careers. 

Why work in Sweden? 

Making a decision to move from home country to work elsewhere come with so many questions. You will probably wonder whether it makes economic or social sense to just depart from where you have all along called home. Without necessarily showing the specific reasons why Sweden is a good place to work in, you understand the incredible role that being exposed to the world, networking and cultural interaction has for a budding career person. 

What makes Sweden attractive for foreign workers is the strong protections of their rights and impeccable work environments. Nothing compares to a situation where a worker always  is sure that no employer will at any one time try to overstep your rights without getting punished. This level of protection guarantees job security as it prevents issues such unfair dismissal, workplace discrimination and biased treatment. 

What to expect when working in Sweden

Sweden’s labour market regulations have been structured in such a way that it makes every worker sure that his welfare is catered for. You do not need to worry about how your family would be when working in Sweden because workers get up to 16 months of parental leave as well as free day-care services for their young ones.  The labour union is much present and powerful in Sweden thus a guarantee that you will always get the best treatment all through. The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) will ensure that no employer violates your rights or exploits you in any way. 

Innovativeness in Sweden

Again, Sweden is one work destination that gives every worker the challenges that inspire innovation. In fact, the European Commission recognizes Sweden as one of the most innovative countries in the union. The level of innovativeness cuts across every sector regardless of which level one is employed. For the Swedish job market, every innovative idea stands a chance at the table. 

Corruption free

Working in Sweden guarantees you that no amount of your income will ever go to corruption. Because Sweden has among the lowest corruption indices globally, you will not have to strain your income on bribing authorities and corporates around. As long as you are on the right side of the law, nobody will bother you unnecessarily. But if you offend the law then you will obviously have to follow due process to be acquitted. 

Retirement Package 

Most workers worry about what will become of them after they retire from their workplaces. Retirement often mean that you are unable to continue working to earn for yourself. iN Sweden, retirees are highly regarded for their great contributions. As a result of their dedication and long service till retirements, the pension scheme, insurance services and social system ensures that the get the best care.

Life as a retiree in Sweden may turn out to be even more enjoyable than when you were at work because you can decide to go out for vacations, visit your children or take social activities to keep you active. Generally, upon retirement in Sweden, one gets the freedom to do whatever pleases them without the burden of having to think about work deadlines or lost income.

Workplace gender consideration in Sweden

Every employee in Sweden stands equal chance to be promoted, rewarded, retrained and any other packages that come with such employment. At no one time will the employer or their associates treat you differently just because of your gender.  The inclusion of both men and women in the workplace provides the diversity and skill needed to steer the Swedish economy forward. In fact, you should not be surprised to find women taking an active role in jobs which would otherwise be considered masculine and vice versa-that is Sweden for you. 

Worker’s protection in Sweden

The economy of Sweden is structured to recognize and appreciate the role that human labour play in transforming operations. The automation and use of artificial intelligence to make work easier in Sweden does not mean that labour ceases to be as important. Therefore, employees in Sweden are always protected from excesses of the employers or any entity that any be tempted to exploit them. 

Every accomplishment by a worker in Sweden is always recognised and appreciated

The rights of workers in Sweden is progressively updated to ensure that at all times, employees are given the best conditions that inspire them to work even better, innovate and transform the economy. As a result, you are always sure to have 

How to get employment in Sweden

Oftentimes people wonder how exactly they can be able to land a job in Sweden as international professionals. It’s true that navigating through the various options may not be easy or immediately clear but with the right information, it is for sure possible to continue or start your career up in Sweden. 

The Swedish Public Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) plays a key role in helping people who are already in Sweden to get work. Although it may not necessarily link the person seeking employment with the employer, the information, advise and support that come from them makes the job search easy. 

Alongside the support of Arbetsförmedlingen, there various job sites in Sweden that update all available jobs from which a prospective employee can chose and apply based on their liking or match. 

Swedish Labour shortage list

As someone looking to get a job in Sweden, you always want to have at least some level of assurance that your application is likely to be considered. At the very least, you want to make it to the short list and take an interview. One way of increasing chances to land a job in Sweden is applying for jobs listed in the labour shortage list. 

On a regular basis, the Swedish Public Employment agency updates a list of all occupations within the country which do not have enough workers. The jobs in this shortage list badly need someone to fill in . Something good with taking a job in the highly demanded occupations in Sweden is that you may not even have to go back to home country to get work permit processed for you. If you are accepted to the jobs in the high demand list, the work permit is quick and easy since the country needs you just as much as you need to keep your career rolling. 

Contacting employers Directly in Sweden 

Sweden is a land of opportunities and gives a chance to everyone with some unique talents and abilities. Instead of waiting for the employer to list a job opening with a job site, just visit the company website and apply directly. Alternatively, you can send an inquiry and ask if they accept open applications. 

Internships and Fast tracks

People may dismiss the quality of internships, paid or unpaid in creating an avenue for career progression. The truth of the matter is, most employers do not like to employ someone and start training them from the word go. As much as there is always room for on-job training, an employer will want someone who is employment-ready.

Participating in internship or vocation training within a desired workforce gives you an edge towards getting ready for greater assignments. When you eventually apply for a more senior job with the same company or state your internships and trainings, you are likely to be regarded as more ready for employment considered to someone who is juts fresh from college.