Viborg City

Viborg city perfectly adds to the great treasure destinations that Denmark has to offer its visitors. No wonder when you consider all the pleasures you can easily acquire. Viborg city whose name means “the sacred place on the ground” is no exception. Inviting taverns, museums, late dining and a separate beer tot. But it is also a place for relaxing moments regardless of age.

You have many choices in the city which is one of the oldest in Jutland and some of the choices involve a glance back in the city’s exciting history. It was here was partly Magnus the Good hailed early 1000’s. But the Viking era the Viking era, and today there are several attractions well worth a look.

Are you an active person, you can enjoy what the city offers of golf, sailing, fishing, tennis, walking and cycling in wonderful scenery.

Are you more ready for lazy days can be good to know that the restaurants serve delicious meals, while taverns and bars serve exquisite floating soft drinks. You can also take the popular ølruten, which is a guided journey between microbreweries, museums and dining while enjoying the exquisite drops accompanied by stories about beer history.

These tours are only organised in groups of over 20, then you are interested, it is good to make contact as soon as possible.

Children in Viborg

It’s not just adults looking forward to take part in, but there’s something for most. The little ones can enjoy using personal visits to the nearby chalk mines and go on my walk under the earth, or experimenting with electricity at Elmuseet.

Or you can gather the family and take a trip to the world map at Kleitrup, where you can visit the world during one afternoon.

Rich culture in Viborg city

The city has a rich art and culture, with many local creative minds, mixed with galleries and museums with art from other places.

There are also musical pleasures through festivals, concerts and dance halls.

Shopping in Viborg

Viborg is also a city to come home as new. Shops with different contents have evolved through time, and you can pick and choose everything from clothing to cake.

Transport in Viborg

Bus, plane and ferry by car are different modes of travel that can easily take you to Viborg. Locate your wallet, rain on the budget and make a choice.

Within the city there are also several choices, but use your legs slightly and so put you more details.

Lodging in Viborg

Many different possibilities. Hotels, guesthouses, guest houses, private landlords and camping for those who want it, are some of the possibilities.

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