The Viborg honeymoon


Viborg, Denmark is one of the best and coziest tourist destinations in Scandinavia today. It has a very small and quaint population of just under 35,000 people, and it is located in the central part of the country. Despite its very small footprint, Viborg offers the perfect honeymoon opportunity or a chance to get away for a weekend and enjoy new cultures, new tastes, and new sights.

Fun Facts about Viborg

  • Regardless of the small size of the city proper, the Viborg Municipality is the second-largest in all of Denmark.
  • Viborg serves as the seat of the High Court for the Jutland Peninsula, making it a very important governmental hub for the country.
  • It is one of the oldest settlements in history, and settlements date back as far as the 8th century AD.
  • During the Middle Ages, as kings fought for land due to religion and politics, Viborg’s central location made it ideal for control. Even today, it remains an important center for religion and politics throughout Denmark. (Check out this viking festival in Viborg)

Viborg’s Main Claim to Fame

You won’t find any sprawling skylines like Copenhagen or see any ocean shores, but you will definitely notice the Viborg Cathedral in all of its beautiful glory. This makes Viborg famous among a scant number of tourists each year. Construction on the cathedral began in 1130 and wasn’t finished until 1180. Since then, it has been burned to the ground and rebuilt over and over again. In fact, the only original part of the cathedral that still remains is the crypt, and the newest parts of the church were built back in 1876. It truly is a symbol of perseverance, and it is a must-see when you are in Denmark.

PC: Cees van Roeden

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Attractions

Despite the small population, there is enough tourism to warrant several hotels to fit all of your wants, needs, and budgets. For instance, the Hotel Hvide Kro is a luxurious experience that was built in 1902 and boasts amazing personal service unlike any other business in the area. For those looking for a nice, clean hotel on a budget, the Best Western Palads is a great choice. It offers free parking, an indoor water complex, fitness facilities, and more – all at a price that will not break the bank.

If you want a luxury dining experience, be sure to check out Den Gyldne Okse (information in danish), which offers some of the highest quality food in the country. The atmosphere is quiet during off-peak dining hours, and not only do they serve a chef’s menu, but they also recommend local beer to accompany your meal. Budget diners will find a sprinkling of vendors and fast food around the city, but for a great sit-down experience, check out Restaurant Italia Viborg (information in danish), which serves an inexpensive buffet of classic Scandinavian and Italian cuisine.

PC: John Sommer

While in Viborg, a trip to the cathedral is a must thanks to its awe-inspiring history. There are several other churches, such as the Viborg Domkirke. If you enjoy perusing ancient ruins, you’ll love Hald Ruin, which is now enclosed by beautiful natural foliage and water. The Viborg Museum is a great lesson in Scandinavian history, and the Viborg Plantage bike tour is a great way to burn off some extra energy and see the sights of the countryside at the same time. At last donf forget to take a tour i the Mønsted lime pits. The biggest limestone mines in the world offer you a sight never to forget.

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