Kalmar City Tour

Kalmar City

Kalmar City which is lies in an Island in the the Baltic Sea, Sweden side is a typical treasure for visitors to the country. The city occupies several islands in an archipelago system, and it is connected via a series of bridges. More and more people visit the city every year because it is quite unusual, yet beautiful. Most of the people in the city speak English, and the hospitality is tangible.

Fun Facts about Kalmar

  • Kalmar is actually a port town, so it is an important commerce hub in Sweden. Because of this, the population continues to grow and tourism becomes more active each year.
  • Experts estimate that there are some 6,700 meters of bridges between the Kalmar islands.
  • Kalmar is also an industrial center with many factories in the processed food, ship, glass, machinery, and matches industries.
  • The 13th century Kalmar Slott Castle withstood several sieges during the Swedish-Danish wars during the 16th and 17th
  • Kalmar is surrounded by a park (founded back in 1880) which contains several unique species of foliage that are not even native to the area.

Kalmar’s Main Claim to Fame

Kalmar’s biggest attraction is the Kalmar Slott, the castle that withstood many, many sieges over the course of a century. These days, Kalmar Slott is a tourist center that has been converted into a full museum. Most tourists truly fall in love with Erik XIV Vasa’s room, which is absolutely stunning. It has decorations including antique furniture from the time, wall plateaus with fine crafts, and much, much more. You can even take a tour through the secret passages, and there is simply no denying that the medieval atmosphere still exists here.

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Attractions

There are several hotels in the area that suit all of your tastes as well as your budget. Stufvenas Gasgifveri is a great place to rest your head at night. It is away from the city, and they offer you hospitality unlike any other hotel in the area. Family-style meals served with a vast selection of wine, a spa, and a five-star restaurant located within make it an amazing experience. If you are on a budget, then Rasta Kalmar is a great choice. It offers basic amenities, but it has a great location and the rooms are clean and nice.

The restaurants scattered throughout Kalmar city offer you all of your favorite cuisines at a variety of prices. You should definitely try the Restaurang Kallaren Kronen, which not only gives you a unique dining experience in six converted cellars beneath vaulted ceilings, but also offers you a menu direct from the 1600s. If you are on a budget, or even pressed for time, Kalmar is home to many bistros and cafes offering up quick, inexpensive meals of all types. You can find Italian, French, Chinese, and even Greek cuisine.

Aside from Kalmar Castle, there are several attractions in the area that you will not want to miss. These include the Kalmar Lans museum, the beautiful Kalmar Cathedral, and the six-kilometer Olandsbron bridge leading to the beautiful island of Oland. If you brought your kids on vacation with you, don’t miss the Skalby 4H-Gard which is a great farm setting with petting zoos and more. There is also the Klackeberga Kyrka, a beautiful (and huge) charge that is hundreds of years old.

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