Best ways to get your dream apartment

Something interestingly peculiar with almost all the Scandinavian countries is that homelessness is a rare thing. when planning to move to Scandinavia, its always a good idea to know how to get your dream apartment in each of the countries including Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

If you care to compare relative homelessness in the rest of the world, including developed nations like USA, Scandinavia scores so highly on the ability to house its people.

Although homelessness is not common in Scandinavia, renting or home buying is very expensive. In fact, rent takes a substantial proportion of people’s budget in Scandinavia.

Because of the high cost of renting people who are able to buy a home opt for it to avoid the discomfort of having to contend with rent at the end of every month.

Even buying a home is no mean expense. The only benefit is that over time, you will not be paying rent more-so after completing your mortgage.

Buying a home instead of renting an apartment may look expensive if you take mortgage for it. But over time, you save on recurrent rent expenditures. 

Getting an apartment in Scandinavia

Housing is a basic human need and protection of their dignity. In fact, at the end of the day, everyone needs somewhere they call home to which they retreat and take stock of the wins and defeats of their life.

Anyone will tell you how comforting it is to be able to settle in own apartment after a long busy day  just refreshing with some glass of champagne or well brewed wine. 

Getting a house in Scandinavia is both complicated and simple, depending on how one perceives it. On one side, you have to provide the housing company or landlord with the relevant documentation for legal residence and other identification details.

The requirements for buying a home or renting are almost the same across Scandinavia. Nobody will risk accepting your application for accommodation if it’s not clear that you have permission to stay.

There are multiple ways for getting an apartment in Scandinavia, especially if you are renting or buying a home for the first time. The first and most commonly used is housing companies that have various websites for renting.

On the housing websites, you will get all available accommodations within the regions you select, their floor space as well as any small details that may be important for you as a tenant.

On the housing company portal, the pictures of the interior and exterior house are also provided alongside the advertisement. So, you will be sure to have a feel and impression of how the house is even before you make an actual visit to the premises. 

The second option is more relevant if you are moving to Scandinavia on a work or study permit. The receiving organization, whether workplace or university always have a provision for linking you with housing companies in advance.

Your host organisation in Scandinavia will always try as much as possible to ensure that you get a proper accommodation on your arrival. However, they never force you to accept the suggested accommodations which allows you a chance to sample several beforehand. 

A third option is to liaise with a friend or family member who is already in Scandinavia to canvas for you where they live. This  is however, not a guarantee that you will get an apartment anyway but if the landlord is happy with them, they are likely to consider you first. 

Timing accommodation applications in Scandinavia

An expatriate coming from countries where accommodation and housing are not so strictly regulated may assume that it is possible to get a house in Scandinavia on the same day and occupy it without a prior arrangement. This is not the case in Scandinavia.

It is only in exceptional cases or sheer luck that you immediately land a vacant house of choice and process all requirements.

Typically, it will take you a couple of days or a week to properly get an accommodation in Scandinavia. 

In most cases, it is necessary that you make arrangement for apartment in advance pending your travel to Scandinavia. Get in touch with housing companies and even provide them with all required documentation as soon as you have them so that they continue processing your housing.

If this is not done then any serious housing companies will dismiss you as a joker. Also, talk openly with your receiving organisation and tell them which kind of apartment you wish to be arranged for you.

Of course, if you are the one to pay for the apartment, it’s a priority to consider the costs that come with your dream apartment. 

Most housing sites in Scandinavia have a waiting list for all applicants of a specific housing option.

At any given time, you are not the only person interested in that dream apartment. Therefore, you should always be proactive to be the first person to apply and be number one in the waiting list.

Being ahead of everyone in the race to get the dream apartment places you in a position of advantage. 

Considerations for a dream apartment in Scandinavia 

Different people prioritize various things about their dream apartment. For someone, a big floor space, parking space and playground for children may be what to look out for while others will keenly check if the house has a spa, jacuzzi, classy toilets, proper heating system and a beautiful kitchen space. In essence, you must at all times have your priorities right. 

Obviously, you may not necessarily find everything you need in a dream apartment. So, it’s important that you identify which specific things you are willing to overlook and which ones must be in the apartment. 

Some apartments come with all the bills lumped together in the rent but most of them have utility bills sent separately. Its therefore necessary to know which other extra payments aside from the rent will be sent to you every month.

As much as you may be so keen on getting your dream house in Scandinavia, it is important to check your payslip balance as well otherwise you end up being off budget. 

Cost of your dream apartment in Scandinavia

 Its human instinct to want to have everything good in life including a decent or luxurious apartment. Luxury has its place in human instinct but what makes the difference between the desire to have a good thing and actually having it is how much it costs. 

In Scandinavia, the cost of apartments vary so widely based on location, floor space, neighbourhood, amenities, and other fittings in the house. You must be aware of which of the factors that influence costs you are willing to forego.

As a common thing, apartments far away from city centres or in the farms are cheap but then that means you have to use own means, like a private car to reach the city. The balance of cost between private driving and living in city centre will likely determine which option to take.

Houses in the city are expensive because they are close to various public facilities of interest. But you will also have to contend with small outdoor spaces, extremely busy  and noisy streets.

If you have a large family or just fancy extra space, maybe you will have to chuck out extra money to get your dream house whether in the city or its outskirts. Your budget for the house and whatever it is you desire in a house will have to somehow agree before finally choosing which options to take. 

Waiting to get your dream apartment in Scandinavia

 It is understandable how one can be badly in need of a specific type of apartment upon arrival in Scandinavia.

Probably you were living in a good house prior to moving and does not want to settle for anything less. Maybe you have the money to pay for it and budget is not an issue. But, you will have to be a little patient.

Actually, we recommend that you settle for the best available option at the time of arrival and bid on time for the specific apartment that matches your interests is vacant.

It may take up to several months for you to ample the particular apartment that meets your interests. Settling on another apartment as you continue the search will save you the burden and stress of learning a new environment without a conducive home at the moment. Assuredly, you will eventually get your dream house in the fullness of time.