Best Tricks to Learn Danish Language as a Foreigner

The reality in Denmark which most people will not be willing to tell you or just gloss over is that learning Danish language is a great icebreaker. Any person coming to live in Denmark for a period that runs into a year and more must be willing to learn Danish. Even if you come to Denmark as a student or researcher, having some reasonable level of Danish competency will open so many doors of opportunities your way. Remember, an international  student in Denmark has 20 hours of work every week and full time in the months of summer. During this period, one can make important contacts with companies that later turn out to be the employers even after graduation. 

If anything, Danes really value their language. You can see it in their warm smiles if they realize that as a foreigner, you still can manage to speak reasonable Danish. Actually, anyone who has stayed in Denmark will tell you that there is a general assumption that everyone who lives in Denmark can speak Danish. Yes, they can speak English and readily change to it when it becomes clear to them that you can’t speak Danish. But, your life becomes much easier with the Danish language. If nobody ever told you, learning Danish will be the best decision one can ever make in Denmark

Gettings started about Danish language

Most of us are well too familiar with how learning a new language can be both fun and overwhelming at the beginning. The Danish language is really fun to learn. The question however, is how you can master the language and become fluent? 

No matter your reason for wanting to learn Danish you are likely to encounter any number of challenges. Maybe you are an international student or just a foreigner tired of responding to every question with that one word. It’s also possible you’ve decided to learn it for fun. Well, whatever the reason, there are many tricks to make learning more fun and simple. 

 Learn Danish through your Everyday Entertainment 

Entertainment is a vital element of human life be it watching videos, movies or series. This trick works best for beginners. Just switch on your movie and enable subtitles. It’s kind of like multitasking since you’ll also learn how to spell different words. Pronunciation is among the challenges you are likely to experience on your journey to learning Danish. Sites such as Swap Language can help you find helpful videos. 

The videos will be helpful for improving pronunciation and learning to express yourself. It will also make it easy for you to remember various expressions for fun, drama or intensity. You can even make it more fun by pausing the video and repeating words or expressions out loud. If you don’t understand what it means, look it up and add it to your Danish Library. 

Polish your Dansk through Mass Media 

Technological advancement has made learning Danish and other languages very interesting and easy. You can find useful podcasts and audiobooks on the internet no doubt. Similarly, you can also tune in to the radio and find a helpful station for your daily Danish lessons. It won’t be long before you can express yourself to that friendly shopkeeper or neighbor always smiling at you. 

This is a great trick because you can learn while conducting other tasks whether it’s doing dishes or you are on the train. The secret here is listening to as much Danish as you possibly can. It’s also a great way to practice and after all, practice makes perfect doesn’t it? Increasing your familiarity with different phrases will make it easier for you to understand the language. 

Indulge and Interact with Danish Music

At least once or more you have found yourself listening to a track in a language you didn’t understand but you just can’t seem to resist the beats. You might find it weird and strange at the beginning but you soon find yourself singing along to the music. 

Utilize internet resources and your Danish friends to find out music with not only good beats but also good Danish lyrics. Never mind how bad you will be at singing along at first, you will definitely get better over time. At the very least, it will likely pique your curiosity to at least Google the lyrics and find out what different words or phrases mean. 

Add more Danish Books to your Home Library

As old-school and cliché as it might sound, reading is a reliable language learning method and an effective way of building your language skills. Being a beginner and all, it would be best to read simple books such as Children’s books. Yes, I said it. Children’s books will contain basic phrases and pictures that are both great learning tools. 

Besides, simple sentences are much easier to remember and understand. After a while, you could graduate to reading more complex books or even news. Most news articles comprise of straight-forward phrases accompanied by photos. It’s also a great way of staying current on various issues in Denmark. 

Talk, Talk and more Talk makes you perfect  in Danish Speaking 

Whether you prefer to talk to yourself or other people who speak Danish, it will help to familiarize with the language. Talking to yourself will help you practice your pronunciation and voice for different phrases. It will also ensure that you become more fluent and speak more comfortably without thinking about it. 

Ask your Danish friends and neighbors to avoid switching to English when they notice you struggling to communicate with them. Make them aware that you are trying to improve your Danish. Believe it or not, they will be excited that you are learning and will be more patient when communicating with you. They might also offer to introduce a few Danish lessons who knows. Moreover, it will be a great way to get feedback on the progress you are making. 

Find yourself a Danish Pen pal and Share Resources 

It would be helpful to find a willing friend to exchange exercises, textbooks and just general conversations. Social media platforms would be the best sites to get going on this trick. Your friend will help you to speak Danish and improve on pronunciation. 

Or better still visit dating sites and find yourself a Danish-speaking date to sharpen your language skills. He/she can get you to speak Danish over a meal or cup of coffee. They could also help you find exercises from the local libraries. This way, you get to have your cake and eat it.