Stupid fines to avoid in Denmark

In Denmark, there are a couple of freaking fines that people end up paying just for being less attentive to what they ought to have done. The authorities in Denmark are always on the lookout for people who are not living up to the well-established social order in the country. In fact, he government in Denmark being the real big brother will always try to correct you when you make a mistake just so that at all times you are alert.

Out of a handful of people who have lived in Denmark, you can’t miss one or two people who have been made to pay a bill which they would have avoided by just being more watchful. It gets annoying when the bill seems not to match the mistake you have committed. All the same, the law is there and it’s all up to you to respect it or it punishes you.

One thing that anyone traveling to live in Denmark has to know is that it is not easy to get away with an offense with the watchful eyes all around. Even the citizens of Denmark are always exercising active policing. You won’t even know who let the authorities know of your mistake. The police will appear at your residence and ask you questions as if they witnessed it entirely.

Fines in Public Transport in Danmark

You probably know that in Denmark, public transport t=do not always have a control person on board to check if passengers have bought a ticket. There is some level of trust that you cannot just hop onto a bus or train without having  either swiped your travel card or bought a ticket at the venders around.

If you travel without a valid ticket or travel card on buses, trains, or the metro in Denmark, you can be fined up to 750 DKK. This also applies to foreign travelers. You should always buy your ticket in advance or use a Danish travel card that you can load with money.

The transport companies in Denmark do not need to keep controlling all the time to ensure you become a good passenger. However, there are always spot checks in the trains and buses to see that everyone has really paid for their trip.

If you try to be smart and joy ride, there will be a hefty fine to you. It does not matter whether you are getting off at the next station or the journey you tried to travel without paying is just 5 minutes. A fine of up to kr. 750 will be issued to you on the spot.

Traffic fines in Denmark

As a pedestrian, motorist, cyclist or horse rider, you have to observe the traffic rules set out in Denmark. In the unlikely event that you ignore the traffic rules and behave in a manner likely to cause accident or inconvenience to other road users, the traffic authorities will soon catch up with you.

Some of the traffic offences  in Denmark that will without a doubt attract a fine include;

  • Not respecting road signs and arrows
  • Disobeying traffic lights
  • Biking on pedestrian crossing
  • Not using the emergency light on the motorway
  • Wrong lighting after dark

This list is just but a brief mention of the traffic offenses in Denmark that will cost you money and it would be good to avoid. Avoiding such cases that cost you money is not just because of the cost but also for your own safety. You do not want to put yourself in a situation that is likely to risk your safety. See here for a full list of the traffic offenses in Denmark that will cost you a dime.

You must follow the traffic rules that apply in Denmark, otherwise, you can be fined for various offenses. Some common examples include not respecting road signs and arrows, not obeying traffic lights, cycling on pedestrian crossings, not using the emergency light on the highway, or having incorrect lighting after dark. The fines vary depending on how serious the offense is but can amount to several thousand kroner.

It is important that you notice that the various fines that will be imposed on you for violating traffic rules keep changing. The authorities revise the fines to make it more expensive for people to disrespect the rules given. It is not amusing to be caught violating the traffic rules. In a country as Denmark where people try not to be defiant to the authorities, it is in fact shameful to carelessly violate the law.

Parking Fines in Denmark

Parking fine is one thing that keeps tormenting people on Denmark. You can easily forget to set your timing when parking or end up parking at a wrong place. You may just make the mistake innocently but the authorities expect you to be alert all the time.

Fines in Environmental Zones: From October 1, 2023, all diesel-powered passenger cars entering environmental zones in Denmark’s five largest cities must have a particulate filter or be at least Euro Class 5. Otherwise, you risk a fine of up to 1,500 Danish kroner. The environmental zones are marked with signs and are automatically controlled by license plates. You can check if your vehicle meets the requirements at

A parking fine  in Denmark can be because you have parked in the wrong place or parked more than the time allowed in the slot. In each case a fine will be given to you. While you don’t need to pay this fine immediately, it is expensive. Sometimes it can be up to kr. 750 or even more. Why pay all this amount for just staying 5 minutes more at the parking? Anyway, that is what the parking sign says. It will save you  a great deal to master the road signs and parking signs at all times when driving in Denmark.

Payment reminder fees

Whenever any payment of bill falls due, you get a payment notice in terms of payment card or invoice. Whichever the case, the request for payment sets for you the last date when the payment should be made. You are supposed to make sure that the payment gets to the creditor or service provider in time.

The payment reminder fees come from private businesses or service providers such as mobile phone companies, insurance companies, heating suppliers, garbage collectors and many more. Even fines have reminders because it is not expected that you have the money to may at the very time the fine is given.

In the event that you have not honoured your payment when it falls due, then a reminder will always be sent to you that sets a new date of payment but with a fine. This is just a show of goodwill that you can still take some time to get the money and pay. But a reminder fee of like kr. 100 isn’t small money. Just pay in time to avoid the fees.

The reminder can be issued for maybe three times at intervals of two to three weeks. If you still don’t pay, the case is forwarded to debt collectors which will further impose extra collection fees on you. It is all one fine after the other which is why the best thing to do is pay up every bill you have in time.