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Get friends in Denmark

Most people in Denmark may seem too cold and assuming which makes it hard to  break through with getting a new friend. It is not so often that Danish people will open up to a conversation with you. If you are someone used to the warmth of interacting with others and just being easy in a known environment, it may be difficult moving to a new country. Be proactive and ask your colleague, neighbour or a potential romantic relationship – or whatever – to join you for a beer or go for a walk.

Get friends by being proactive

Don’t sit around and wait for someone to approach you. That is often the biggest mistake unexperienced expats do moving to a new country (or a city in their native country for that sake). You need to be somewhat extrovert. If you have issues with that, you might consider to challenge yourself so you dont end up sitting in your apartment staring at the wall.

But as much as getting close Danish friends may take some time, you should not just give up on getting at least a few. As a foreign student, for example, you tend to get friends in an international community and international students are also often the majority of your network.

Assuredly, you will over time get new friends and keep life going in their company. Interestingly, people can open up to you in some of the unexpected situations. You should not be surprised that someone will start a conversation with you, but it all depends on the setting. If you are at a party, work or in class, this is a natural situation to get friends – so dont get put off by seemingly uninterested danes (or whomever), because it simply is a symptom of the modern society – at least on these parts of the globe.

Nature of friendships

Life in Denmark can be damn confusing, especially about forming and sustaining friendships. As is expected, people are cultured differently and largely have different perceptions about what a good friend should be.

Maybe you expect a friend as someone you can just randomly call and go out together or drop in at their houses unexpectedly. It may shock you that Danish people or those who have lived in the country for a while do not like such randomness. You may need to inform even a friend of your coming otherwise they may not have time for you and end up embarrassed. 

Oftentimes, a friend in Denmark may just call you for a day out maybe for coffee, a nature walk, attending a concert or going to a club. Friendships in Denmark are also displayed in outdoor activities where you meet the friends at their home. 

Meeting new friends in Denmark

It is understandable that one thing that everyone would like is to get that new friend who will make their life in Denmark enjoyable. Of course as a newcomer, you need someone to show you around, share with you important information about the culture where to shop and many more. 

The easiest and most likely way to get your first friends in Denmark is at the workplace, your study institution or church. Generally, social places such as municipality events, summer activities and such make Danish people livelier. When you already get a first good friend, it is possible that he or she will introduce you to more people unknown to you and soon you have a network of friends. 

Where to get Friends in Denmark 

Your workplace, group discussions, class or any outdoor activities in Denmark are some of the first places you don’t want to dismiss when it comes to making new friendships.

Most newcomers in Denmark meet first friends at school, work, volunteering, sports and hobbies. It will be necessary that you take the contact or social media identities and continue talking for some time before they slowly begin to consider you a close friend. You may be even surprised how you ended up clicking and becoming the best of friends. 

How Danes treat Friendships

While the Danes do not get into friendships easily, once they make you part of their inner circle friendship, they really value it. They are so emotional people which means that friendship means more than just knowing you.

Many times, they will check on you to find out that you are doing well. The greatness of Danish friendships manifest everyday but is more evident in the festive seasons, birthdays or parties. They will shower you with gifts at the slightest opportunity and make you feel home. My Danish friend went so far as to make a birthday video for me!

Because of the fact that they hold friendship in high esteem, a Dane or someone who has been in Denmark for long will keep their circle for friends small. You will not want to betray the value of friendship to a Dane because they hold close friends so dearly. 

Making friends with internationals in Denmark 

At the initial stages as a newcomer in Denmark. Life may be unbearable without friends or someone to talk to. The problem may be even more when you do not have any family members  to keep company. As a remedy, the international community living in Denmark can be a good source of connection.

Even though some immigrants living in Denmark have also adopted the Danish culture, they are more flexible, understanding and receptive of new friendships. Because they know your situation. It is advisable that you join Facebook groups of international people in Denmark.

In such groups, you find time to interact with people who have gone through almost the same integrations as you. They are more aware and share information about everything that you may want to know.

Presumably, you will even feel free to ask about where to shop or take a walk and get immediate responses from members. 

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