5 Apps to Download Before Visiting Norway

Are you planning to visit Norway? What is your take on how best you want your life to be during your stay? Well, Norway is one country that is internet friendly with free WIFI available in most areas.

Traveling apps do come in handy, more so if you are newly visiting. It feels better to have something to help you stay safe, plan with ease, navigate, and organize yourself without much cost. We can also recommend Dittnettsted.com that give you the latest news from Norway in tech etc.

Below are some of the must-have apps when visiting Norway.

Trail Wallet

Budgeting is one essential aspect to consider when traveling. How about you plan how to spend your money in advance and keep yourself liquid all through your stay? This app is essential for individuals with a fixed budget.

With its interface, you can set your budget daily, under specific events such as trips, or even a monthly limit. The app allows you to enter your purchase amount in Norwegian kroner. It then uses the latest exchange rates to convert the amount to your home currency.

Xpense Tracker

This is a recommendable app for individuals with a business motive. It serves you by monitoring your day to day expenses. All you need to do is take a photo of the place you are checking in and fill in the required details.

With the app, you can easily export your receipts and expenses to Microsoft excel in case you need to file returns or pass them to the accounting department back home.

XE Currency Converter

You’ll need to exchange your home currency to kronor when visiting Norway. This app helps you to convert the currency with little formalities and at real-time exchange rates. It is also free to use.

However, it is essential to note that ads support the free version, but you can pay to have them removed if you find them annoying.

Its most outstanding feature is that it can recall the most recent conversion rates every time you use it with no internet connection.


Here is another excellent app to use on that vacation. If you need advice on the best places to visit, stay, or see, this is the right app for you. In general, the application helps you handle most of your traveling needs. 

It can help you with hotel booking, locating the best bars and restaurants, and finding sightseeing experiences and other activities around the city. It works both online and offline.

RuterBillett App

This is one of the top navigating apps to use in Norway. It helps you navigate the enormous transportation system in Oslo and its outskirts. At some point, you will need to catch a train or a bus to save time. This app helps you know the approximate time needed to get from one place to the other and purchase a ticket via the app.

And some last words…

Mobile apps can be lifesavers. There are more of these apps, but the above five are a great deal to help you catch up with the Norwegian millennial wave. Having the right apps helps you save money, time, and achieve the best experience while enjoying your stay in Norway.