Myths, misconceptions and truths about living Abroad

It is not a easy decision to make for relocating abroad. Nonetheless, some compelling reasons make it inevitable to move. In fact, some people are always hesitant to take a leap into a new country but once they do, never look back again. Regardless of why someone decides to move, …

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Best ways to get your dream apartment

Something interestingly peculiar with almost all the Scandinavian countries is that homelessness is a rare thing. when planning to move to Scandinavia, its always a good idea to know how to get your dream apartment in each of the countries including Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If you care to compare …

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Acquire new citizenship as an immigrant

You have moved to this new country, life has just picked up so well and turning back is not an option. The plans ahead look so good, the prospects of staying even longer are great. But, your residence permit is fast expiring; you have to do something or be kicked …

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Moving to another country from Denmark

Denmark is a pretty good country for immigrants to live in. But that be as it may, some immigrants only come to stay in Denmark for a short time before moving to other countries. The reasons for immigrant  moving from Denmark may vary from person to person but  often include …

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My passport is invalid; Visa has expired

For any traveller or expatriate, nothing sends chills down the spine more than the realisation that the very important travel documents are not valid anymore. You know, sometimes the stay in a foreign country can turn out to be full of fun and enjoyment that travel documents expire unnoticed. But …

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Culture Shock in a new country

Culture shock is is an experience that almost every immigrant will experience in one way or the other. The moment you make the choice of leaving the comfort of your home country to check what other countries have to offer, getting culture shock comes along. Not every two things in …

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Raising a Global Child

Today as globalization and more international jobs accept people from different parts of the globe, children who relocate with parents during such deployments effectively become global children. These are children who have lived part of their lives in different socio-cultural settings. They do not have a pure upbringing and have …

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Adjusting Expectations as an immigrant

It goes without saying that every person planning to move abroad has a set of expectations. Nobody just takes the brave step of moving from where they have long considered home to a strange land with no expectation for the best. whether the expectations are overambitious or realistic, they are …

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Romance and Intimacy as a sojourner

I daresay that everybody harbours this great desire to travel and explore the world although with the naivety of its downsides. One common reality that people may want to ignore or put on the back banner is that a sojourner will never get enough time to establish a stable and …

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Life After completing Studies as a Foreigner

It is one thing to settle on a tour of study in a foreign country and another thing to make end-of-studies decisions. In most cases, the initial period of stay in a new place can be so harrowing, strange, and uncomfortable to say the least. In fact, most students would …

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Best Ways to Experience New Travel Destinations

As humans traveling around is the best way to always challenge our imaginations, give meaning to long-borne perceptions and make sense of the world. People travel for various reasons including out of sheer leisure and enjoyment, the pursuit of greener pastures, education, and many more. Whichever the reasons that cause …

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Moving to study in Scandinavia as a Married Person

Juggling between raising a family and studying overseas is one of the most difficult decisions to make and faint-hearted people often fail at it. As someone in the early or middle youth, it’s common to face the dilemma of whether to focus on bringing up a family or chasing after …

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rent house denmark

Housing in Denmark

One thing that stands out in Denmark is the rare cases of  homelessness. Again, the social system and various job opportunities available in the country makes it easy for everyone to have an opportunity to live a decent life. When you move to Denmark, housing should be the first thing …

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agriculture - work - denmark

Working in Denmark

Denmark has a small population of just slightly over five million which is made up largely of elderly people and children. This means that the remaining population that can work  actively in various sectors of the country’s economy is small. Therefore, Denmark is a good country to look out for …

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Lawyer Denmark

Lawyers in Denmark

Denmark is among the countries of the world which respect due process of the law and uphold fundamental human rights. Before the court can process and decide any case, anybody who is enjoined in the case is allowed to get legal representation by a layer of choice. Depending on the …

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scandinavian countries life and happiness

All about Scandinavia for you

On the face of it, Scandinavia doesn’t match our typical ideas about a region worth migrating to. It doesn’t make it to global headlines all the time, it has a tiny population, and frankly, most of us really don’t really know much about the place. When we think of migration, most …

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moving to oslo

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Oslo

Oslo is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it’s all thanks to picturesque architecture, beautiful parks, and a lot of things to do and see. Working and living in Oslo is a wonderful place to experience, but it’s always challenging to move somewhere and start your life …

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Moving to finland

Moving to Finland

Finland is a migrant’s dream come true. If you’re looking for a place that values justice, peace, environmental safety, equality, and other humanitarian values, you’re welcome to Finnish soil. Finland ranks amongst the top countries in a number of categories ranging from human wellbeing to social justice. After Sweden and …

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Moving to Denmark as an expat

Moving to Denmark

Denmark is full of opportunities for people of all ages. The country has a sound healthcare system and excellent education. Bustling cities and thriving industries make Denmark the perfect place for anyone to immigrate to. Not to mention the EU benefits you’d get after you gain residency and the superior …

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Expat in Iceland?

Moving to Iceland

Aptly called the “Land of Fire and Ice,” Iceland is a dream location for many. With many exquisite landscapes, this European country is the target of many prospective immigrants. Statistics reveal the total number of immigrants living in Iceland by the end of 2019 to be around 50,000. Such a considerable …

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Moving to Norway: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Moving to Norway

The epic coastline, rich history, and vibrant outdoors make Norway the perfect country for immigration. Particularly for the younger population looking to build a successful career. If you want to move there, you are not alone. Setting roots in Norway has always been a popular choice.  In fact, 4.3% of …

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Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Are you searching for a small country with a peaceful city life, the most beautiful landscapes, and topnotch living standards? There’s no option as perfect as Sweden.  Sweden is an excellent country for migration purposes. As of 2017, migrants made up nearly one-fourth of the entire population of Sweden. This …

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Polar Fox in Island

The best things about Iceland

When thinking about becoming an expat in Scandinavia, Iceland certainly comes up a lot. It really is a great country and that is what we are going to focus on in this article. Read on if you want to know everything great about Iceland! Nature – Number one Reason to …

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