Lawyers in Denmark

Denmark is among the countries of the world which respect due process of the law and uphold fundamental human rights. Before the court can process and decide any case, anybody who is enjoined in the case is allowed to get legal representation by a layer of choice.

Depending on the specific case at hand, the state can assign someone a lawyer but the person has the options to apply to be given a different lawyer based on their own assessment of the progress of the case.

Various issues in Denmark including setting a business, family reunification, wrongful treatment by a state agency, property dispute, divorce, child custody, gender violence, drug abuse et cetera require legal representation.

A case may appear simple that you feel it is straightforward for you to prosecute on your own but that cannot be effective since it is only lawyers who can assess the legal implications of any issue based on their training and years of experience.

Your choice of lawyer will largely influence whether or not your pleadings will be successful.

Why you need a lawyer in Denmark

The legal environment of Denmark, just like any other European country, may be complicated for someone who has no knowledge of law to navigate. Remember, as much as Denmark has its own country specific laws, they are also bound by the EU laws especially on issues to do with immigration and humanitarian cases. It is therefore advisable to get a competent lawyer with experience in your specific case category to draft applications and do everything to do with legal representation in a court of law. A lawyer in Denmark will be helpful for you in many cases including but not limited to;

  • Litigation: the lawyers who have extensive experience  and understanding of the law will be handy in examining your specific issues and putting them in legal perspective for you to win the case, As you understand, you need a thorough identification of points of law to win legal battles in any court in Denmark.
  • Incorporation of a company: As an ambitious entrepreneur, your interest in establishing a company or any form of business in Denmark requires proper adherence to the procedures set. It is your responsibility as a businessperson to get legal help from layers on matters including the documentation, registration, tax obligations and general operations.
  • Special permits and licenses: Proper documentation is one aspect that keeps entities running without hitches in Denmark. There is always a need to ensure that people, businesses and groups have the required permits and licences. Legal help is necessary in such cases.
  • Immigration.
  • Family reunification.
  • Child custody.
  • Divorce.
  • Family property disputes.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Employment issues.

Disclaimer: Whenever you need a lawyer, make sure to check their profiles to ensure that their areas of legal practice match what you really want to prosecute. Although most of them will refer you to other people if the case you have brought is not within their forte, some may carry on and end up incompetent.

Get a lawyer in Denmark

Just like in other countries of the world, practicing lawyers in Denmark have their established firms all across the regions of the country. The law firms have specific location addresses  and contact details meaning that you do not even necessarily require to visit their premises to get services. With an email or phone call, you will get feedback during the normal working hours on how to proceed with your case.

All law firms have a secretary who will maintain contact with you on an ongoing basis on behalf of the lawyer. Only critical sensitive information may require you to talk one on one with the lawyer himself. In cases brought against you by the state such as issues to do with residence and immigration, you will be assigned a competent lawyer whose role ends when the case is decided. All payments to state-assigned  lawyers are met by the state itself, not the defendant.

For private legal assistance, it is important to get the right lawyers with proper credentials to win your case. Always check here for all the information you may want to know about Danish lawyers. The website gives you all the details including the location of the law firm which may be helpful to maintain correspondence with the lawyer. 

Cost of Litigation in Denmark

As a practice, the claimant has the responsibility to pay all legal fees accrued from getting legal opinion from an expert. Otherwise, at any one time, the court will decide on whether the defendant should or should not pay the costs. The criminal cases, the cost of interpretation are paid by the Danish government treasury.

Public Legal Aid in Denmark

In Denmark, there are three aspects of legal aid that an individual can get at any one time depending on the circumstances around the specific case at hand. In Denmark, the public legal aid will cover costs including lawyer’s fees, Aid to civil proceedings and lawyers legal aid.