Tricks to Owning fancy things in Denmark 

Denmark is generally a great destination for those who have a taste for the niceties of life. You walk along the streets and see teenagers brandishing the latest iPhone models as if it was something ordinary to them. If you could apply some sort of magic to open the back packs of the people you come across along the always busy streets of cities in Denmark, you won’t miss a high performing Lenovo PC, MacBook, Tablet…name it. 

If the ranking of Denmark as a happy country has anything to do with the material things that the people own, then proof for it exists everywhere. Lovers of cars will probably be taken aback by the just so many people driving high end automobiles in Denmark. The sights of Audi, Mercedes, Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW cars are common in Denmark. So many people in Denmark own more than one car and further take comprehensive insurance for each of the cars. You don’t want to imagine how much they spend on it. Anyway, with most things taken care of by the social security system, people have enough leeway to acquire dream cars, live in posh neighbourhoods and own the latest models of electronics. 

Arriving in Denmark from abroad with your wrecked handset and scratched laptop as a student or researcher, you may likely feel out of place. In fact, many people will feel uneasy and question if there is something maybe they don’t do right. But, do not be dismayed as shortly, you will realise that those eye-catching and heartwarming things the Danes own can actually be owned by yourself after a short stay in Denmark. 

Danish Social Security allows people in Denmark to make riches

If there is anything that people in Denmark flaunt without hesitation is their social security system. Denmark may not be such a popular country but its social security that has improved over time opens ways for people to focus on building their lives when the government deals with the basic things of life. In Denmark, the government uses tax collections to cater for public healthcare, education and other forms of social support. With these often heavy burdens off an individual soldier, it is very much easy to acquire other posh things that make life more fulfilling. 

The twin contributions of the social system and the various job opportunities that are available in Denmark makes it easy for everyone to live a decent life. A fact worth noting is that not all persons were born with silver spoons but you have credit cards. Having money or access to resources is kind of the same thing. 

The Danes are commonly known masters when it comes to finding moments of money that can’t buy happiness. If you want to experience a proof of this belief then why not visit the Danish capital, the Copenhagen city. There is the strange way of life which differs completely as compared to what happens in the other big cities. 

All this however doesn’t matter as the Danes for sure know how to find joy in life. Remember we are not forgetting the fact that Denmark is ranked one of the happiest countries globally. Could this be closely associated with the hygge? Well, I believe some can also be attributed to the culture of gift giving in Denmark.

Loans make Danes afford dream things in life

It is a common thing to spot people spinning high end cars including Bugatti, Tesla or BMW. At first sight, you may quickly judge such people as being super rich. Passing such judgement can be innocent and forgivable because somewhere else such nice stuff are out of reach for so many. Even those employed in well paying jobs need a lifetime saving to acquire brand new high end cars. In contrast, a mere sweeper, a caregiver, students and those who would otherwise be considered as belonging to the bottom of the pyramid own great things in Denmark. Why? The answer is pretty simple….loans. 

Taking a mortgage/asset finance facility in Denmark

In Denmark, asset financing and private loans are common things that make it possible for anyone to own the best of things around. The fact that every job in Denmark is professionally treated and workers must have a bank account through which payments are made, proving ability to finance a credit facility comes with less hassle. At the slightest opportunity, anybody working in Denmark can approach a bank, ask for an asset loan, provide proof of credit worthiness and there it is. As simple as that. No wonder, once someone finishes repaying their loans or a large part of it, the urge to apply for more kicks in. 

Affording expensive and nice stuff as a gift in Denmark

Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan city, very exciting with lots of interesting things to explore like it is true for any other city. However, the Danes are not stressed or rather in a hurry to chase anything. Truth is that Copenhagen is not a fast-paced city but considerably a slow one.

Like it is a norm in many aspects of life, the Danes are accustomed to a tendency of gift giving. This can always happen during holiday seasons, or in any celebration like birthday. Gifts given in Denmark come with no written rules and not even any unspoken expectations. 

In as much as the Danes put food first in their priority list, they also have a soft spot for gift giving. Surely. Who wouldn’t get excited with receiving gifts? If you have ever fancied or even imagined owning something fancy. Then through a gift, your close relations or even your colleagues at work might surprise you one day.

Gifting in Denmark has made many people own quite some fancy things that they’d never thought of owning. Yes, it is true that you got your credit card and can allow you to buy whatever fancy thing you may need. But this may be completely out of your budget. Did you know you could even exchange your lovely book gift for a fancy flower vase?

When your social circle and family come together to gift you your biggest achievement or your birthday, it could be a fancy thing. And the good news is that gifts come with a gift sticker on them. What this means is that the recipient has a chance to carefully take back their chosen gift to the store. Later you can exchange it for something they like better.

What About the Danish Hygge?

The Danes are also very well known for their love of cosiness. There is an obsession with getting cosy and naturally comfortable with the Danes. In a common language, the hygge is a Danish phrase that defines a quality of cosiness and comfort conviviality. It brings about a feeling of well-being and contentment. 

The Danish hygge is mostly associated with relaxation, gratitude, and indulgence which is a national character. This is the year where most people in Denmark seek pleasure amidst gentle but soothing things. You can create your own sanctuary in the middle of realness in life to cure your sad. What else would soothe one’s soul rather than make yourself feel special. During this time there is a chance to give yourself or soulmate a special treat with something fancy. 

It may not be something fancy that you would publicly display but often it is considered a secret treasure. Your cup of tea and coffee could just be fancy to make you feel very special, comfortable and happy. Besides, someone could also put a smile on your face by gifting a fancy pair of woollens. It is also possible to g=be gifted shearling slippers, woven textiles, and pastries. 

Danes living a Simple and Non-Complex Life

Buying fancy things is mostly confusing as to whether it is useful or not. The misconception that buying and owning certain things for show off has gone with the wind in the current space. This is the main reason that drove many into thinking that purchasing expensive things is unnecessary. 

Fancy for sure has a huge place in Danish culture. However, it is very important not to include fancy on the schedule, especially when it’s not appropriate. The Danes are a hygge people and make dressing up and comfort a priority. Occasionally though things can get pretty fancy.

The Danes for sure don’t make fancy a priority in all their aspects of life. It is good to have fancy but this is occasional. Unless you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or it is a holiday season. Then fancy is very necessary in Denmark.