Travel to Scandinavia

We all know Scandinavia is great (duh) but to experience all of its greatness, you first have to come here. So, what is the best way of traveling to Scandinavia? Today we will be taking a look at your options and try to determine which one is the best. Ready? Here we go!


The first option that probably comes to mind is flying and it is obvious why. Flying is easy, cheap and fast. In less than 24 hours, you can travel from one side of the globe to the next. All that said, flying does have some drawbacks, especially if you are coming here as an expat.

The biggest drawback with flying is without a doubt the limited baggage. If you are planning of moving permanently to Scandinavia, you have to options. Buy everything you need here or bring everything with you. If you choose to fly, bringing everything with you will be tricky. You might be able to ship some stuff in a container but that is very costly.

Another drawback with flying is the environment. We need to take better care of our earth and flying less is certainly a step in the right direction. A step that we need to take. 


This depends on where you live and where in Scandinavia you are going. If, for example, you are going to Iceland, this will not be practical. Driving in Scandinavia does however have some nice perks compared to many other modes of transportation.

The biggest perk when you take you own car is that you can bring so much more stuff. If you fill up the trunk, you rent a trailer and bring some more. This will definitely be cheaper than buying everything new once you arrive. That is not to say that driving has not drawbacks of its own. 

The biggest drawback when driving is the time. Depending on where you live, it will take a long time to drive. You also have to pay for gas and every meal on the way up. Driving will not be the cheapest option, but you will be able to bring a lot of stuff with you. 


Train is an option that many will forget when thinking about transportation. Throughout Europe runs a large railway that connects Scandinavia with the world. You can easily hop on a train in Berlin and exit in Stockholm with a few changes on the way. You can even take the train all the way from Beijing if you want to with the trans-Siberian railway. When you arrive in Moscow, Finland is only a short train ride away.

The great thing about train is the environment. Trains are run on electricity which can be generated in a good way. The main drawback is once again luggage. You are only allowed to bring so much and you will have to buy a lot of things once you arrive. 


The last mode of transportation we will be talking about is by boat. This allows you to travel all the way from USA without stepping foot on an airplane. Cruises across the Atlantic are often called “repositioning cruises” and they are popular with people moving to and from Europe. When you arrive in Europe, Scandinavia is just a short train ride away.

The cruises are not cheap, but you might be able to bring a lot of your stuff along with you. That all depends on what cruise line you choose. The cruise will also take a lot longer than an airplane, but you will be able to experience more. 

We hope that you know have a bit more information on how to get here. There are more ways than an airplane, especially if you are planning to move her as an expat.