Mobile Phone Subscriptions in Denmark

As soon as you arrive in Denmark whether on a short stay or a longer residence, the first need which is almost involuntary is communication. You will feel the urge to let the people back home know of your safe arrival in Denmark and what life in the new country is like. The highly competitive and well developed telecommunication services in Denmark will get you sorted out. 

Avoid network Roaming! Buy Prepaid Sim Card!

It is important to avoid resorting to network roaming with the sim card from your home country. Such a decision will be damn expensive for you. It would help to know the available mobile phone operators in Denmark, their packages, comparative advantages, costs involved and reliability. Ideally, the mobile subscription market in Denmark is highly liberalized.

This means that there are so many mobile operators; each trying at least one extra improvement that will endear them to you.

Vet the Danish Mobile service operators 

The habitual nature of  buying services may end up endearing you permanently to just one mobile provider even if the others have something extra to offer. Therefore, on your first subscription, be very attentive to the specific offers and take time to review each operator based on the cost of services, reliability, efficiency and their customer orientation. 

If you are just visiting Denmark for a short stay less than one year, a prepaid sim card will work well for you. With the prepaid sim card will work well for you. 

The various providers that should be on your vetting list include OK Mobile, CBB, Yousee,,  Telmore, Greentel,  Ortel and 

It is advisable that you be keen enough not to fall prey to exploitative service providers more so where cheaper options exist. These websites will greatly help you in making cost comparisons across the range of mobile service providers. 

Buy your first Prepaid Sim Card at the Airport

Upon arrival at the port of entry to Denmark, you can easily buy a prepaid sim card at the convenience shops in the airport buildings, at baggage claim or 7-Eleven shops. In Denmark, you are free to choose between Lebara or Lycamobile for prepaid sim cards. 

Your phone should be able to accept Danish Sim cards without any difficulties whatsoever. As long as your phone is not sim locked, your phone will work as it should with the Danish sim cards. Lebara is a good option, because they allow you to call all over the world, either freely or at a minimum cost. Furthermore you’ll get an abundance of mobile data.

Pay as You Go Mobile Services in Denmark

If you are having a plan to live in Denmark for a longer period and have all the required documents to support your stay in the country, signing a contract for mobile services will be the best for you. A contract with the mobile service providers will allow you to post pay for the mobile services. Typically, the mobile services operator will allow you access and send a bill to your registered address at the end of every month. 

Requirements for a mobile phone subscription 

When you finally decide which plan to go for and which mobile services company you would wish to get services from, it is in order to know which documents will be required. Just like any other public service in Denmark, you have to provide all the necessary documents before you can qualify for the subscription. 

First, you need to have a Danish CPR number. This number is your social security that permits you to stay in Denmark. As a tourist or someone on a short stay visa in Denmark, you will not qualify for a CPR number which is the reason you have to rely on buying prepaid sim cards. Again, you will have to register your Danish address with the mobile phone service provider. It is this address where all posts from the operator including bills will be sent to you. 

Where do you get the mobile Phone service providers? 

The telecommunication services in Denmark are highly digitized. This means that at all times, you can contact the company of choice on their websites or make a call using their  toll free customer service lines. It is possible to pre-order your pay as you go SIM card online as long as you have provided the CPR and Danish address. 

Physical location of mobile service providers in Denmark

The mobile phone service providers are located in almost every city in Denmark, including the smallest ones. At least they try as much as possible to be accessible to all. The biggest mobile service providers have shops in the large cities.

Increasingly, the providers are making their availability online more convenient. This means that you will not even have to physically go to their shops to bet services. The mobile phone service providers are just a phone call or live chat away.

Most mobile phone providers have integrated a product component into their services to attract more customers. They offer their subscribers with high end phones such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei and many more on credit. Through this product credit plan, you can get a phone of your longing and pay in bits over time.  

Cost of Mobile Phone Services Offers

Each company has its own products but in one way or the other, they are identical. Only slight variations in package and pricing. To increase their market share and also offer a range of experience for their customers, most mobile service providers will persuade you to get internet for your phone, television and any other internet enabled device in your house from them.

Having all your mobile phone and internet services from the same company is good for you because they flexibly bargain the plan depending on how many devices you are registering with them. Yes, they have a saying price for the services but to accommodate a range of customer needs, they will always have a flexible deal for you. In fact during your stay in Denmark, do not be surprised to receive calls from marketing agents for the various mobile phone companies.

Once you register your residence in Denmark and enrol in the citizen register, the mobile companies can always get your call and try to influence you with better offers than what you have at the time. You can always take advantage of the budget friendly offers.

Most mobile phone service providers in Denmark have packages that give unlimited talk time, SMS and MMS. The unlimited subscriptions are very commonplace in Denmark now. 

Mobile/Smartphone in Denmark

As soon as you enter Denmark, you will be sure to enjoy excellent network coverage for your mobile phone and internet. Just to get you started, try to click on your WI-FI button at any one time and you will just see the many available connection options. However, you may not be able to connect unless for the free guest internet in public spaces such as airports, restaurants, trains ,buses and 7-Eleven convenience stores. 

There are rarely any areas In Denmark without adequate internet coverage. There are different ranges of internet connections including 2G,3G and 4G.

How to top up Sim Card with Airtime or Data

Do not panic or get worried about where to buy the top up cards when in Denmark. As soon as you buy a sim card and make a subscription with a mobile operator of your choosing, they immediately capture your phone number. You can subsequently top up online. 

For a successful top up, you do not have to go to the service provider’s store, just search the company’s website and buy data or airtime from there. It is a pretty simple process which is designed to take care of all users irrespective of their level of digital knowledge. 

Accessibility of internet services in Denmark

Largely, connecting to the internet while in Denmark is affordable. The appliances needed to make connections such as routers and cables are sold or rented from the internet service providers at an affordable price.

Apart from buying or renting hardware for the internet connection directly from the service providers, it is also advisable to buy them at electronic shops nearby.