Theme parks in Scandinavia

Everyone loves a visit to a nice theme park. There is no denying it, that is simply how it is. Luckily, if you decide to become an expat in Scandinavia, you will have a lot of theme parks to choose from. In this article we will be going over the different theme parks and be discussing what makes them so great. 


Fun in Liseberg

In the city of Gothenburg, you will find the biggest theme park all of Scandinavia. This is also where you will find some of the most exciting rides. Take Valkyria for example. It is a rollercoaster featuring a vertical drop. That means straight down, 90 degrees. They also have many other big coasters such as Helix and the wooden coaster Balder. Both are praised by roller coaster fans, all over the world so they are definitely worth your time.  If you are ever in Gothenburg and love rollercoasters, Liseberg is a must visit. 

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Gröna lund

Grona Lund Theme Park

Now we will be heading up the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Gröna lund lays on an island, right next to the water. In fact, you can arrive here by boat since they have their own docking place with its own entrance to the park. Because of its location, Gröna lund is suffering from a lack of space. As a result of this they have three different variations of free fall, all to maximise on space. That is not to say they Gröna Lund is bad. Quite the opposite is true. Gröna Lund is held in high regard by numerous people all over Scandinavia.

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Tivoli at night

We know move outside of Sweden and arrive in Denmark. Right across the bridge, in Copenhagen, lays Tivoli. This is the main theme park in Denmark, and it is home to many different rides. It might not be as big as Liseberg but that does not mean it is bad. It is quite popular, drawing in thousands of people every season. Well worth a visit if you decide to become an expat in Denmark or just find yourself in Copenhagen.

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Tusenfryd challenges

We will once again be moving countries, this time to Norway. Here you will find Tusenfryd, located just outside the capital, Oslo. Here is a park that competes with Liseberg for greatest theme park in Scandinavia, home to over 30 different attractions. They even have a roller coaster that uses VR technology for an even greater experience. Tusenfryd is definitely worth a visit if you ever decide to visit Norway. 

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Summer in Denmark

Time to move back to Denmark with the next entry on our list. Fårup is a theme park located further into the country. Since Tivoli is located right in Copenhagen it has a limited space. This is not a problem with Fårup which is why this theme park is even bigger and better. They have multiple rollercoasters that are sure to draw out a few screams and many other flat rides for you to enjoy during your visit. A great place to visit when the weather gets warm since it also contains a nice water park. Basically, Fårup is a great park and it alone is a wonderful reason to visit Denmark in the future. 

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Leksand sommarland

Beautiful Leksand

Sweden also has a theme park that combines both flat rides and a water park for those warm summer days. At Leksand sommarland, you will find something for the entire family, regardless of their ages. Here you will also find a rock-climbing wall for anyone looking for a challenge. We cannot recommend this park enough when the Swedish summer weather is nice. Combined with the park is a camp site where you can live. Everyday, a train will take you to the park directly from the camp site. 

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