Best paying Jobs for Expats in Finland

Finland ranks first in the global happiness index which then makes it a coveted destination for people interested in growing their career. The general impression that comes with the highest happiness ranking of Finland is that everyone along the streets of let’s say Helsinki or Espoo will always be smiling.

Of course to a given extent, Finnish freely give warm smiles even to strangers because that is their way of recognizing the presence of someone around them. This does not necessarily mean that they are happy through and through. Without digressing, people coming to work in Finland look up to a great experience, favourable working environments, career progression, competitive salary and many more. 

While ideally Finland offers the best working environment for people interested in making a living from the sweat of their brawl or intellectual ingenuity, there are a few things to note. As an expat in Finland, yuc an expect to experience a few nuances when it comes to setting yourself on the correct career path and growing upwards. 

A sneak peek of Finland for expatriates

Located in the northern part of Europe, Finland is among the world’s most geographical and northern remote states with severe climatic conditions. Finland is a home of breath-taking natural beauty. The home of permanent sunrise and the midnight sun all through the month of June and July. Nonetheless, Finland’s economy primarily subsists on free enterprise and private ownership. However, in some sectors of the economy, the government exercises some monopoly considered a leading role. 

By far, the majority of the Finns are employed in the service sector which forms the largest source of employment. Finland is considerably on the top of the list as a renowned economy best for rewarding graduates with top salaries. Life in Finland is at the highest point of wellbeing and work-life balance. Besides experiencing a 40-hour average working week, there is a promising high standard of living. You will have enough time to cruise through Finland’s beautiful landscape, green forest, and waters.

Nature of the Job Market in Finland

Traditionally, the job market in Finland has for a long time been overtaken by the manufacturing sector. But currently, Finland’s technology industry has become the country’s biggest sector. Finland is European’ main technical hub with Nokia being on the lead. 

The Finnish economy focuses on software services and network equipment representing above half of its exports. This explains why the technology and engineering sectors are the highly marketable fields in Finland presently. What this means is that if it’s highly marketable, then it is equally highly paying for the Finns. 

What it Means to Work in Finland

Helsinki has been ranked the 4th best city for work-life balance in 2022 according to the Work-Life balance Index. In terms of flexibility with the new Working Hours Act, Finland is ranked top. As an employee in Finland, you are guaranteed the right to choose where and when you have to work up to half of your contracted working hours.  Traditionally, any Finnish worker is assured of a 40-hour week from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

In addition, Finland workers are entitled to a 1-2-hour lunch break and 25 days minimum annual leave. All employees are also happy to enjoy 13 bank holidays annually. Equally, I am amazed with the fact that an employee will only pay taxes if they are working in Finland for longer than 6-months.

The Average Salary for workers  Finland

Anybody looking to take a step to work abroad, especially in a highly envied country as Finland must really be interested in the salary levels. Already, leaving one’s own home country means separating from one’s own society and this must as a matter of necessity be compensated for by handsome salaries in Finland. You can guess with me that for Finland to rank as happiest globally then workers must be smiling all the way to the bank at the end of month. 

In Finland, earnings are drastically varied between various careers. Basically, while enjoying working in Finland, it is important to know that your earnings will differ depending on your specific job title. An average working individual in Finland earns close to 4,690 EUR every month. Generally, pay ranges from 1,190 EUR on the low, to 20,900 EUR on the highest end monthly. While this is just the average lowest and the highest, the actual maximum salary is higher. 

The secret to earning well and living comfortably in Finland is choosing the best career from a marketable field. Considering the highly marketable careers in Finland currently, you are destined to fetch huge compensation in form of salary. So, as you consider working in Finland, have a look at some of the best paying jobs in Finland listed below.

1. Working as a Surgeon and Doctor in Finland 

In Finland, surgeons are at the top of the list as the highly paid workers. It is the highest paying career considering the critical nature of this job. Honestly, a surgeon in Finland is entitled to a salary range from 9420 EUR to 26, 300 EUR. The profession itself is covered with extreme high risks which require extensive skills and knowledge. Thus, the long path involved in learning which matches the reward ingredient for a highly paying career. 

2. Becoming a Judge in Finland 

Due to the huge responsibilities connected with this job, the judges earn very high salaries. With a salary range between 7,910 EUR and 22,100 EUR, a judge is among the highly paid employees in Finland. Deciding the fates of various persons is not an easy task. It comes with some very huge associated challenges hence needs to be rewarded accordingly. Judges are accorded a high responsibility with an extensive knowledge that needs a long path of learning. Hence, the rewards are also mouth-watering. 

3. English Teaching Profession in Finland

With a simple Bachelors degree and TEFL certificate, you are qualified to become an English teacher in Finland. Given the fact that plenty of openings are available, you can teach English as a second language in Finland. Though this profession could be less popular, it pays highly. Job openings are mostly available in urban areas of Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere. Opportunities are also available in international and private schools and one must not be fluent in Finnish for them to teach English.

4. Become a practising Lawyer in Finland

As a lawyer, your highly perceived value in the eyes of your clients is what is likely to fetch huge wages. A successful lawyer is likely to spare you from earning a death sentence or help you earn huge amounts of money. So, a lawyer is likely to come out with very high compensation by representing their clients well. Just like a surgeon and a judge, the law career in Finland is highly perceived, requires extensive knowledge, and therefore a revue generator. 

5. Chief Executive Officer in Finland

When you are a CEO, you are responsible for either a complete success or failure of an organisation. This career has a widespread impact as well as a high risk. The leadership position comes with high associated risks and a vast scope of impact that relates to the huge earnings. 

If a CEO of a particular organisation fails, then an entire organisation sinks. Therefore, CEOs in Finland take huge responsibilities and advances to ensure the success of their respective companies. Thus, they must be compensated well.

6. Bank Managers in Finland

Bank management in Finland is an extremely critical task hence its worth huge earnings. A bank manager is put in charge of hundreds of millions of investments and funds. This comes with very high associated risks which makes bank management a very complex task. It is the nature of this profession that is associated with high risks, high responsibilities and the huge impact felt that warrants for a large earning.

7. Pilots in Finland

Being a pilot in Finland is an exciting career. In fact, it is the only exciting career in this list. Nonetheless, pilots undergo a hectic and rigorous training program and procedure which in turn hands over a huge responsibility to them. Pilots are responsible for the safety of millions of people on a daily basis.

Besides, being a pilot comes with its associated high risks which needs extensive experience. The best reward that comes with this is an entitlement to a high pay and a promising salary range.

8. College Professors 

College professors are among the highly ranked prestigious and highly earning careers in Finland. To become a professor, you will need to be persistent through your long learning career. This career requires a high knowledge level hence it remains to be highly perceived and a high revenue generator. Becoming a professor in Finland is not an easy task and this is just one main reason why college professors earn so high. 

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