Quick steps to convert your India driving license to Finnish license

Hey There!

I would like to share my personal experience and process of converting India driving license to Finnish license.

First a little background

I moved to “Vantaa, Finland” from “Dubai, UAE” in Aug-2018. Before I moved here I wanted check if its possible to use my India or UAE driving license here in Finland. Mainly because I spent a lot of money to get license in Dubai and I do not want to spend again in Finland.

So I got to know that I can convert either my India driving license or UAE driving license to Finnish license within 2 years’ time.

But I don’t want to take chances, after couple of months being here, I initiated the process to convert the license.

This is how I did it

First I submitted my India driving license and waited for the decision to arrive from trafi.
Unfortunately they rejected my application. The reason is that “Traficom could not verify the authenticity of my India driving licence hence they denied granting Finland driving licence”

So I emailed the person in Traficom who sent the decision to me as “I had a UAE driving license which was applied based on my India driving license”

I got a reply from Traficom saying “Thank you for letting me know about your UAE driving license. Could you please send it me or drop it to nearest Ajovarma office to be sent to me. It might help you to get Finnish driving license. And also according to EU’s Driving License Directive person should only be holding one valid driving license at the time.

The fastest way to deliver UAE driving license is to drop it to our offices in Kumpulantie 9. You can leave it to front desk with my name on it and they will bring it to me.”

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Step-by-step guide to how you change the license

So from my experience In order to convert, You need to have following documents.

  1. Medical Certificate from Doctor which you can call this as Eye test (For example my wife got the certificate from below eye test center).
  2. Color Passport Size Photos .
  3. Finish ID Card.
  4. Indian Original Passport.
  5. Finland Residence Card.
  6. Finland Police ID.
  7. India or UAE Driving License.

Book an Appointment with “Ajovarma” after you receive the Medical Certificate. Please use below link


When you open above link, it looks as shown in the below screen shot

Click on “START NEW BOOKING” and “Select Service” as “Driving licenses and permit services” shown in the below screen shot

That will take you to below page. From “Select product” choose “Driving license permit application (exchange of foreign driving license)” and click on “Continue by selecting language”

Which will take you to below page, where you should enter your social security numbers

Once you enter your information and click on continue, on the next page it will show you as “The product is available for booking”. Click on continue. The nextsection would be “PLACE AND TIME”

Once you choose your desired location, it shows you the available areas and time schedules with the price for the exchange. Please take a look at below screen shot

Once you choose the desired timing from available schedules click on continue and move to the next section to enter your contact information and after that booking confirmation.

Please use below link to know more information about Exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Finnish licence


Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.