Work out outdoors - and enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature

Work out outdoors – and enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature

Outdoor training is something that can suit practically everyone, of course with a small reservation when it comes to factors such as extreme cold in winter, and not least the pollen season for those who suffer from allergies. At the same time, it is often possible to use both forests, mountains and more urban nature for a number of different types of training.

You do not need much equipment

Simplicity is one of the great benefits of exercising outdoors. If you make your own outdoor gym in the garden or in the driveway, then you do not have to think about delicate floors or complicated surfaces. It can be liberating to use both kettlebells and barbells with heavy weights outside. On can you find a wide range of weight plates for the barbell, maybe you need to put on a little extra weights when you get trained in the fresh air?

Training in the forest also creates a fantastic freedom and flexibility when it comes to combining endurance training and training of explosive strength. It’s really simply about making training a breeze.

Outdoor training – what does “speed play” and “parkour” really mean?

Free training and play in nature have many names, “speed play” and “parkour” are two terms that you may have heard before.

  • Speed play is simply jogging or running training where interval training takes place in a more play-based and free way. You go for a jog, but dispose of the different intervals according to what is happening around you, perhaps with a small sprint to the next tree – or an interval in search of some leaves blowing away in the wind.
  • The term “parkour” is widely used for running and getting around in rough terrain, it can either be in an urban environment or out in the woods. Of course, you must be proven on your own limitations, but try to climb and jump up or down slopes in the terrain.

Good luck with the outdoor training!

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