Skiing in Scandinavia

Ski resorts in Scandinavia

If there is one thing people in all of Scandinavia loves, it is skiing. Because of this, we have a lot of ski resorts, ranging from very small to very large. Today, we will be talking about the best ones that you should try and visit this coming winter. We truly hope that you will come to love skiing as much as we do. 


We are going to start of strong with the ski resort called Trysil. You will find Trysil in the mountains of Norway, right next to the border of Sweden. Here you will find numerous slopes ranging from beginner to expert. One thing to note is that Norway is an expensive country, even by the Scandinavian standards. You might want to save up a bit before going here. That said, Trysil truly is wonderful if you can afford it. 

They also have a website where you can book hotel, passes and more.

Idre fjäll

If you drive across the border from Trysil you will not have to travel far before you arrive in the Swedish ski resort Idre Fjäll. Idre is not as large as Trysil but it is also cheaper. It is also more suited to beginners with more easy slopes. If you want more challenge, the steepest slope in all of Sweden is located in this resort. “Chocken” is sure to challenge even the most experienced skiers. 

Check out some amazing pictures at the official website.


If you manage to pronounce that name, we applaud you. Luckily, you do not have to speak Icelandic to be allowed to ski here. Bláfjöll is one of Iceland’s biggest ski resorts and here you will find 15 kilometres of slopes. They do not have any black runs (that is double black for you Americans) but they do have a few red runs and a lot of easier slopes for beginners. If you move to Iceland and love skiing, this is a ski resort well worth visiting. 

Here is a link to the Ruka Ski Resort website in English.


We are now moving all the way over to Finland with our next entry. Ruka is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. The nice thing about this resort is the snow. Even if there is no snow in the rest of Europe, you will find some here. It is one of the most snow secure places in all of Europe which is really amazing. A perfect place for both beginners and experts. Well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Finland or perhaps even move here full time. 

Check their website in English for more information.


This is the part where we were supposed to joke about the Denmark having no ski resorts and no mountains but after doing some research, we were proven wrong. Denmark actually built their own hill, just to be able to ski. Now that is some dedication. On this hill they have three lifts transporting guests and 0.5 kilometres of slopes. We can only congratulate the Danish people for solving their problem and building their very own hill for skiing. If you need to freshen up you skills in the begging of winter, maybe this is the place to go. 

Yeah, no links to gove you here. But south of Denmark you can find an indoor ski resort in Hamburg, near the border


The last ski resort that we will be mentioning on our list is Riksgränsen. Located far north on the border between Sweden and Norway, Riksgränsen is famous for many things. First and foremost, for the off pist. Riksgränsen offers great opportunities for easy skiing outside of the slopes which many people take advantage of.

The second thing that made Riksgränsen famous is the midnight sun. During midsummer, Riksgränsen will open the chairlifts in the middle of the night and let you ski under the midnight sun. No other ski resort in Sweden does this and it has put Riksgränsen on the map. If you want an unforgettable experience, this is were you want to celebrate your next midsummer. 

Go to website: they also have a nice Webcam feature.

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