That is why the Scandinavian style is so popular in the kitchen

Scandinavian design, also known as Nordic design, is very popular in the kitchen, both in Norwegian homes and in many other parts of the world. This style can be said to be characterized by bright interiors, often combined with the use of natural materials such as stone, leather, wool and of course wood. Scandinavian manufacturers such as AUBO Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry and Wardrobe build on this design direction and the traditions with ancestry from the 50s.

Minimalism and simplicity

There are, of course, a number of different interpretations of what we know as Scandinavian design, not least when it comes to kitchens. There are many elements to be combined in the kitchen, from appliances to cutlery and plates, so the end result will always be unique.

A kitchen from a Scandinavian manufacturer such as AUBO allows you to tailor virtually any part of the kitchen. It also means that there are no absolute rules for what must be part of a Scandinavian-style kitchen, but some important elements can be:

  • Use of wood. Of course, a Scandinavian kitchen does not have to be designed entirely in light wood, but wood often plays a role.
  • Simplicity and minimalism. In some ways, the Scandinavian style can be seen as a counter-reaction to more magnificent design directions on the continent or in the United States.

Scandinavian style is also in itself sustainable

There are many who are concerned that a new kitchen should not only be nice to look at and of good quality, but also be as sustainable as possible.

In this connection, the extensive use of natural materials is a good feature of the Scandinavian style. Wood is a renewable resource, and it is possible to use wood in most parts of the kitchen. Solid wood worktops are a good example, they can also be sanded and renewed several times during the life of the kitchen. Good luck with the planning of your completely unique Scandinavian kitchen.

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