Eidfjord-The Pearl of Hardanger

Eidfjord-The Pearl of Hardanger


Norway is well know for its mountainous landscape, fjords, ice covered slopes and rivers that cut through them. This landscape creates waterfalls that are not only magical but also adds some magnificence to the country’s signature attractions. One such waterfall is Voringfossen. 

Voringfossenas waterfall as it is called by the natives, is by far one of the most popular. It has a total drop of 182 meters, which only places it at number 83 in terms of Norway’s largest. Despite this, the surrounding scenery and the fact that it is located near Eidfjord has made it one of the most popular attractions in the country. Those who visit Voringfossen will almost certainly find their breath taken away and be provided with plenty of other interesting surroundings.

In the summer it is sunny all day long with gorgeous sunsets and long light evenings. Along the Hardanger fjord is located lush fruit-growing villages like pearls on a string. Today, 80% of Norwegian cherries and 60% of the plums grown in Hardanger . There are approximately 500,000 fruit trees in Ullensvang , making both flowering and harvest a very special experience.


Voringfossen lies above the valley of Måbodalen (Måbødalen), which runs about four miles through the Norwegian countryside. With high cliffs and mountains rising up on either side of the road, it is a popular place for photographers and tourists who want to be amazed at the natural wonders that Norway has to offer.

The first road through Måbodalen valley was built in the early 20th century, so humans have only been able to explore its wonders in large numbers for the last 100 years or so. Wild, unspoiled, and beautiful, this is a terrific lead-in to Voringfossen itself.

The Fossli Hotel

Located at Voringfossen, the Fossli Hotel has existed since the 1880s and provides accommodations to people who want to spend an extended period of time near the waterfall. One of the most significant historical pieces in the hotel is an authentic Zimmerman piano where the composer Edvard Grieg first composed his collection of Norwegian folk songs in the late 19th century. Like the waterfall itself, the Fossli Hotel is a place of beauty, peace, and quiet.

The closest village to Voringfossen is Eidfjord, which has a population of under 1,000 but whose population swells significantly on a yearly basis thanks to the large number of tourists that come through the region. Eidfjord is home to several historical buildings, including the Old Eidfjord Church, which was construction all the way back in 1309. Eidfjord is also home to a number of shops that offer hand-crafted goods for people who are interested in bringing home a souvenir from their trip.

Sima Power Station

For those who have seen what Voringfossen has to offer and then want to see some of the man-made wonders that Norway has to offer, the Sima Power Station makes for an impressive tourist site. This hydroelectric power station is actually built directly into a mountain, giving it a unique look and status that is not shared anywhere else.

The idea of a power plant being a tourist attraction may seem odd, but those who have had a chance to see the Sima Power Station up close can attest to the fact that it is one of the most impressive sites they have had a chance to see.

There is a reason that Voringfossen is one of the most frequently visited waterfalls in all of Norway. The site provides an amazing view not only of the waterfall and its surrounding areas, but it also has enough hotels, shops, and other attractions to bring it to the attention of those who might be interested in something more man-made.

Eidfjord-The Pearl of Hardanger

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