Røros -A Must Visit Destination

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A world heritage site

A copper mining town established in the 19th century, Roros is one of the most serene and beautiful sites in all of Scandinavia. It was placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1980 and has been a treasure for residents and tourists alike in Norway. For those who are interested in rustic charm, a deep sense of history, and natural beauty, Roros is a must-visit destination for anybody who plans to make a journey to Norway.

Take the church in Roros for example. Millions of users of TripAdvisor have chosen the church in Røros as one of ten Norwegian Must See-landmarks three years in a row.


Roros is home to one of two different national parks, both located around Norway’s second largest lake of Femunden. Femundsmarka is a large park of approximately 221 square miles with many marshes and lakes that make it a favorite destination for canoeing and fishing. The park also has a large population of falcons, making it a favorite spot for the sport of falconry. Those who are interested in viewing wildlife can enjoy the sight of wild reindeer and oxen throughout the region.

Forollhogna National Park

A second national park lies near Roros. Known as Forollhogna, this park was established in 2001 and has more than 400 square miles of natural beauty to explore. The park includes a large forest with a vast array of different plant life and alpine slopes which are known to many as the Gentle Mountains for their gentle slopes and picturesque valleys. The name Forollhogna can be roughly translated to protector of the Forollen, which is the lake that this park borders on.

Roros Museum Smelthytta

Historically, Roros is a copper mining village. Rorosmuseet Smelthytta is part of the old copper mill which originally put this community on the map. Filled with historical value, the site provides regular tours and gives an overview of how copper is mined and smelted. This makes it an invaluable educational tool for parents who want their young ones to learn on their vacation, and the process is interesting and engaging enough to keep children interested throughout the course of the tour.

Lysgaard Keramikk

Not many people outside Norway realize that Roros is home to some of the best-crafted ceramics in the world. For those who are interested in exploring what Roros has to offer in this area, Lysgaard Keramikk is the place to go. While there are some ceramics on display that aren’t purchasable, you can buy almost everything else in the store. Taking a trip out back behind the shop provides even more deals.

The ceramics are more than just useful ceramic plates and decorations – they are also works of art, with fascinating pictures etched into them in a variety of art styles. Even if you don’t have an interest in ceramics as a whole, a trip to Lysgaard Keramikk can do you a lot of good.

Roros has almost everything you might envision on a trip through Norway – culture, history, natural wonders, and hand-crafted goods. Anybody who wants to see what the country has to offer would do well to take a trip through this region, where they can get a large slice of Norwegian life in a small area.
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